247 | Art That's Made Me with Briana Bane + pop culture resolutions - Katie Dalebout

247 | Art That’s Made Me with Briana Bane + pop culture resolutions

We’re easing back in this season with a discussion about art that is meaningful to us.  My friend Briana Bane had to make a podcast for one of her media classes at NYU last semester and she came up with the best concept – a  show called The Art That’s Made You. I was honored when she asked me to be her first guest. In today’s episode you’ll hear about the art that has helped shape me. I take her through all the books, music, tv shows, and media I grew up with and how it made me who I am today. Plus, I share my pop culture related New Year’s resolutions. People often ask to know more about me, your host, well here you go! This episode is very ‘me’ heavy!  For those of you who already think there’s too much of me in this podcast, don’t worry – next week we’re back to interview episodes.  I can’t wait to share it! We have a really great line up of guests for the new season.