133 | Alexi Wasser on Dating, Creativity, Confidence, and More! - Katie Dalebout

133 | Alexi Wasser on Dating, Creativity, Confidence, and More!

86060_wmimn5joI think I must have literally stumbled upon  Alexi because I have no idea how but I found her blog IMBOYCRAZY several years ago and got hooked on all her content. Since then she started a podcast on the Nerdist network called Love Alexi that she hosts and I listen to religiously. I wanted to have her on the show for a while and I’m so glad this conversation is finally airing. As you’ll hear in the episode this was very first guest I recorded after changing the name of the pod to Let It Out  and is such a perfect guest for this transition. Alexi is an actress, comedian, podcast host, and blogger in Los Angeles. You’ll love her wit and wisdom in this episode. We talk about feeling vulnerable and feeling exposed when sharing creative work and about about dating, death, future goals and what she does to stay inspired and confident. This episode is long and tangental, which I love and hope you do too. Alexi is such a talented, multifaceted, fascinating person. I could have talked to her for 2 more hours and I know you’ll love listening to our chat here.