155 | Andrée Vermeulen on Creativity, Intuitive Eating, Relationships + more - Katie Dalebout

155 | Andrée Vermeulen on Creativity, Intuitive Eating, Relationships + more

I’m so grateful for this podcast because it allows me to have conversations with people I admire and ask them anything I’m curious about. I recently discovered Andrée Vermeulen and instantly fell in love with her on social media. As I say in the episode, her Instagram really hits all the notes for me–cute dog, interesting career (she’s an actress and comedian), great healthy food (she’s a plantbased intuitive eater), and most importantly she’s hilarious.  This conversation is long and tangential just the way I like it. We naturally fell into talking about so many things, everything from intuitive eating, to owning a pet, to relationships, to spiritual growth, to her advice for actors, to body image, to er favorite spots to eat on both the east and west coast. I realized as our conversation progressed how much we have in common and just how much I loved talking to her. Since we recorded this she has adopted another dog and I’ve decided I’d wish she’d adopt me too. After this conversation you’ll see why, she’s wise, fascinating, and fun to be around.  She mentions some books and other tools  in the episode and most of them are new to me as well and everything is in the shownotes below. What were your favorite parts of the episode? Let me know over in the  Let It Out FB Listener group. I’m always excited to hear what parts of these conversations are resonating with you. And be sure to tweet at both of us the episode emoji if you listened until the end.