181 | Anjie Cho Gives My NYC Apartment a Feng Shui Makeover - Katie Dalebout

181 | Anjie Cho Gives My NYC Apartment a Feng Shui Makeover

This episode with Anjie Cho is a special one. Some of you may remember Anjie from her episode as a guest a couple years ago. I originally met Anjie through my good friend Sacha Jones (who has been on the podcast twice as well). Since our original introduction Anjie has helped me feng shui and bring good energy to two of my apartments in Detroit. When I finally found my new place in New York City, I knew that having Anjie give me an in-person consultation would make everything feel more cozy. When I reached out to her she had the amazing idea of recording the consultation to share on her podcast. I thought this would be a great way for you guys to get some fun feng shui tips too while learning more about me and where my life is at now that I’m officially moved. In this episode you will hear Anjie give me advice on the best way to lay out the room and what elements I should have to cultivate good energy that aligns with this new stage of life. I hope this episode is fun and inspires you to find ways to create beautiful spaces in your home and other areas of your life. Thanks for listening guys. You’re the best.