169 | Sacha Jones interviews me - Katie Dalebout

169 | Sacha Jones interviews me

Today’s episode is different from anything I’ve done on the podcast. Instead of me interviewing the guest, I’ve brought back one of the podcast’s first guests and a good friend, Sacha Jones of Stiggly’s Holistics NYC, to interview me. I’m calling it a special birthday episode  as well as a sort of podcast birthday / anniversary. It’s been over four years since I started this project and so much has changed over those years with me, the podcast, the blog, and the direction I want the show to move in. For long time pod listeners, thank you for all your support as I’ve changed and so has the show. And for new listeners, thank you too for giving the podcast a chance and feel free to check out some of those early (and very different) episodes from the younger days of the podcast (and the host). Sacha dives into so many topics with me in this episode, many of them inspired from the listener questions you guys shared in the Facebook Group. You’ll hear me talk on body image, wellness, feminism, the practice of feeling our feelings, my  upcoming move to NYC,  where I want my work and podcast to go from here, my new relationship (!!), plus some fun quick-fire questions. links to everything we mention are below as always.