EPISODE 064 | DANIELLE PAIGE - Katie Dalebout


46595_607381535958506_2087789799_nI’ve never met someone who loves what they do as much as Danielle Paige. She is talented and knowledgable in her field of Astrology, but it is her passion that impresses me. She’s a Healer and a Spiritual Life Coach who works with both men and women to help guide them on their journey. What makes her unique is her ability to integrate her logic with her intuition. While she does this heady spiritual work now, she didn’t start off this way. As you’ll hear in the episode she has a masters in interior design and architecture and had a successful career doing that until she decided to follow her passion doing what she loves, working with astrology, her true purpose.  I knew basically nothing about astrology other than that I was a Taurus prior to meeting her but her knowledge and ability to explain the facts to me in a story allowed me to use astrology to my advantage and deepen my self awareness to get closer to my true purpose in life. You’ll love this episode even if you’re not into astrology because we talk about intuition, meditation, and energy clearing as well. Enjoy this rad lady.