120 | Danielle Paige's Astrology Insight + Listen To Her Read My Chart! - Katie Dalebout

120 | Danielle Paige’s Astrology Insight + Listen To Her Read My Chart!


Today Danielle Paige returns to the podcast. This episode is a little different from most because today Danielle reads my very own astrology chart live on the pod. For some of you long-time listeners of the pod you may remember Danielle from episode #63 . If you haven’t already listened to her first interview, hop on over here to check it out.

In today’s episode not only do you get to know more about me but you will also learn more about astrology in general and get some insight on what the different parts of your own chart or reading mean. And even though we are well into 2016, Danielle’s key word and highlighted theme for this year is a great reminder for all of us.

Pod Sponsor + Mini-Interview:

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Enjoy this weeks episode and I’ll see you in the facebook group or on Insta & Snapchat (@katiedalebout)!


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