204 | Divya Alter LIVE at Divya's Kitchen on Ayurveda, Food as Medicine, Comfy Chairs + more - Katie Dalebout

204 | Divya Alter LIVE at Divya’s Kitchen on Ayurveda, Food as Medicine, Comfy Chairs + more

When I first moved to NYC I kept walking my a beautiful restaurant that looked incredibly cozy, had great light, and a sign out front that said ‘very comfy chairs.’ It seemed like such a lovely place. It wasn’t until later when I realized it was a magical Ayurvedic restaurant with food prepared with more care that I ever could have imagined. Divya’s Kitchen quickly became my favorite neighborhood place and eventually I met the lovely owners. This episode is a live conversation with co-owner and chef Divya recorded with an audience before we all had the most lovely brunch of lentil flour waffles and warming teas. We discussed cooking, yoga, feeling at home, the importance of fresh food, easy ways to eat fresh efficiently, five elements in the world and how they manifest in our body, why Ayurveda avoids using garlic and onions and nightshades, and some specifics about owning a restaurant in New York City when you mission is both taste and health.