EPISODE 015 | with GUEST LAURIE GERBER - Katie Dalebout


I’m psyched for today’s episode with renowned life coach and speaker  Laurie Gerber is on the show sharing the most amazing practical advice for designing a life you love and becoming truly happy. I have to say, I think I got more amazing take aways from this episode than any WWRadio episode yet. I’ve already listened multiple times and taken notes. So grab your notebook & headphones for this one because Laurie will really blow your mind with inspiration, tips, and insight on everything from radical honesty to having tough conversations to overcome an addiction and how to release it.  I learned and benefitted so much from this talk.

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-One of my favorite points Laurie made about honest was this: “The idea of living an honest life is not that you blurt out every thought that comes to your mind…there is an art and a science into molding your life into one where people expect it from you….”

Starting your new honest way of being is just like starting healthy eating, it’s a process. At first people around you make think it’s funky but then they’ll eventually expect it from you and stop offering you cake. For instance, they’ll stop gossiping around you and stop expect you to give them your honest opinion.

-This also hit home deeply for me…if you are upset or depressed…in figuring out why and starting to fix it a good place to start is seeing what you’re lying about, not necessarily an overt lie but anything you’re hiding and that’s probably where the issue is.

-TIP for motivating yourself to have those difficult conversations you don’t want to have: it’s always better after they are had even if a mess is made or there’s a blow out

EXERCISE:– Analyze your 18 areas of life from the Handel Method. 

Handel Group’s 18 Areas of Life Homework Assignment

For each of the following 18 areas of life, use the scale below to describe: a) what a perfect 10 would be for each area; b) what your life is actually like in each area (choose a number and describe in-depth); and c) what the barriers are to making it a perfect 10.

1. Body
2. Career/Business/School Life
3. Money
4. Relationships
5. Romance
6. Sex
7. Community
8. Character Traits
9. Family
10. Time
11. Relationship to Self
12. Bad Habits
13. Home
14. Personal Space
15. Learning
16. Fun & Adventure
17. Spirituality
18. Health

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