EPISODE 028 | WWRADIO WITH GUEST Shawn Stevenson - Katie Dalebout


urlMan, I love this episode so much.  Shawn Stevenson is so authentic, kind, funny, and knowledgable it may just be my favorite episode yet.  Shawn is the mastermind behind the Model Health Show Podcast and one of the smartest & most articulate guys I’ve met. I adore the way he presents complicated concepts in an easily understood and fun manner.  We dive into his personal journey to finding his purpose, tips for being a speaker, his personal health routines , mirror nurons, nutrition and more!  As one of the top nutrition experts in the country, he specializes in biochemistry and kinesiology and is the author  The Fat Loss Code and The Key to Quantum Health. He’s been so successful over the years not only for his vast health & fitness knowledge, but because he truly cares enough to help people get connected to what’s most important to them to fuel their actions and transformation.

I’m so excited for you to hear our deep conversation covering an eclectic mix of topics. Leave your thoughts and questions for Shawn below the episode and enjoy his vast array of wisdom and inspiration.