EPISODE 033 | WWRadio with Danielle Boonstra - Katie Dalebout

EPISODE 033 | WWRadio with Danielle Boonstra

photoToday’s WWRadio guest is an inspirational lady named Danielle Boonstra.  She is an author, coach and a student and teacher of A Course in Miracles. She shares her journey with such authentic honesty, love and intention in today’s radically real conversation.  I connect with her and her mission so much. Danielle’s amazing first novel, Without Fear of Falling, was published in April 2013 and I’m in today’s conversation we get into everything from her writing process, her journey, lessons, how un-attachment is key to happiness, how she overcame years of eating disorder, and what’s next for her. She’s constantly inspiring me on social media and in this conversation she blows me away with her advice, wisdom, and honesty. This one I’ll be listening to over and over again to really let her deep wisdom sink in and apply it to my life! You’ll love every minute of this podcast, so turn up the volume and enjoy my conversation with a true miracle worker.