EPISODE 057 | WWRadio with ME! + a Surprise Three-peat Guest - Katie Dalebout

EPISODE 057 | WWRadio with ME! + a Surprise Three-peat Guest

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Did you like  last weeks’s WWRadio episode with Isabel? If you haven’t heard that listen to it here. Today’s episode I bring her back in the second half of the episode for bonus content, but the first half is just me. Hope that’s cool? It’s just us hanging out on the show with me telling my own story when it comes to food and weight. I share my own raw insights on my relationship with food and body image. The I share some additional content with Isabel Foxen Duke the emotional freedom from food extraordinaire and coach, Isabel stopped by Wonderland on episode 009 and episode 055 to shed light on real techniques on how to release toxic relationships to food and tell her personal food journey that led her to the work she does with women today.

This episode is packed with info that is kinda radical so you might want to listen a few times to really let it soak in. Also, I get really honest about my story for the first time publicly so I hope that’s cool and perhaps some of you can relate. If any of these things we spoke about resonate with you click here to sign up for her FREE video training series to go deep into her concepts or email me if you have questions specifically or would like to mentor with me.