This is a special podcast and the first of it’s kind in WW-land for a couple reasons:
#1- It is the first podcast I have ever recorded with my guest in person instead of over Skype, which was awesome. Being together Face to Face really allows for deeper connection & an even deeper level of authenticity I think. I interviewed Christy Harrison at her apartment in Brooklyn when I was in NYC this fall.
#2- I’m interviewing the host of my favorite podcast to listen to, Food Psych, which was a great honor.
#3-Lastly, this episode is special because it is actually part two of a series. Christy had me on as the guest on Food Psych this week where I told my story with food and in this episode we continue our conversation with that focusing more on her story. So it is a two for the price of one podcast.  I am confidant you’ll love this episode and listening to Christy and I get so real with food and our tumultuous relationships with it. Christy’s podcast is so rad because it shows how connected we all are to food regardless of our history with it. She talks to everyone from comedians, to actors, to chefs about their relationship to food and weird food habits. It has showed me that I’m not alone when it comes to my weirdness around food and that most people have at least some funky food tendencies. What’s coolest about Christy is that she’s got her had in everything when it comes to food. She is not only a huge foodie with a background as a food journalist, she is also a an expert on the health and nutrition side of things as well since she is a registered dietitian and nutritionist specializing in eating disorders. I think she is delightful and I’m so thrilled to share this two part special episode with you today. Jump back to listen to us on part-one on Food Psych and this episode will be waiting for you when you return.