EPISODE 061 | TATA HARPER - Katie Dalebout


Do you guys what to know a secret about this week’s episode? It was recorded over a year ago but I realized I hadn’t released it and found this gem of an interview with Tata Harper on my computer. It was too good not to share and all the information we talk about is just as relevant today as it was a year ago. In fact, I think it is the perfect time to air this episode about holistic all natural skin care and Tata’s amazing skin care line with holiday gift season in full swing. It might be the perfect time to gift yourself something from her amazing line. We don’t just talk about skin care in this episode, in fact most of the episode is about entrepreneurship and how she started her company and manages being the mother of three while also running a huge business. Tata makes it all look easy and this way she designs her life is really inspiring. I know you’ll love this interview and getting to know Tata with me and if you have any questions leave them below and if this episode inspires you onto an entrepreneurial path check out last week’s guest Natalie MacNeil’s Conquer Club.