EPISODE 062 | Dr. Joy Jacobs - Katie Dalebout

EPISODE 062 | Dr. Joy Jacobs

Today’s episode is very heavy & very special. I was touched by the gravity of what this conversation. Dr. Joy Jacobs is a clinical psychologist, coach, and author specializing in issues related to eating, weight management, and body image. Her interest in the intersection between health, beauty, fashion, and popular culture led her to this specialty. She is a rare combo since most professionals and researchers specialize in either eating disorders or obesity but not both. She makes the poignant point in the episode that public health campaigns fighting obesity are often heard to by those who don’t need those messages and they can be detrimental to their mental and physical health. She also discusses how while there are many campaigns surfacing promoting body positive messages at the same time more eating disorders are developing in young children by mirroring the behaviors of dieting parents who are products of the massively prevalent dieting culture in our society. We discuss these issues and more including how spirituality comes into play in healing these issues. Joy is super smart and has been cited in many national publications, including Elle, US News and World Report, and the Today Show, on the issues of eating disorders, body image, weight management and related topics. So excited for your thoughts on this episode please leave them below.