EPISODE 066 | ANITIA TERESA - Katie Dalebout


d532378eb6f42f7df8bc9e9483165418Anita Teresa Boeninger is on the rise & I’m psyched to share her with you today. She’s the founder of SOMA Wellness Arts, providing group and private sessions in mindbody therapies, somatic movement, and healthy sexuality integration. She spent ten years studying and training with a variety of female masters of feminine-centered traditions and knowledge systems. Anita is the founder of the amazing Sex & Medicine Summit starting March 24-29th, which you should totally check out if you liked this episode. Her passion is to share her wealth of feminine knowledge systems and explore with other women how we can integrate our multi-faceted expression for the good of all in an ever-intensifying global context of emerging feminine leadership. In 2013, she appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, and has been interviewed on multiple platforms sharing her expertise on women’s health and well-being and today I’m psyched she’s here in Wonderland to open our minds to this new conversation.