Episode 004 | WWRadio with guest Robyn Youkilis - Katie Dalebout

Episode 004 | WWRadio with guest Robyn Youkilis

Robyn youkilis

I am thrilled about today’s episode of The Wellness Wonderland Radiowhere every week I share interviews with wellness extraordinaires. Today I’m honored to have one of my biggest mentors, Robyn Youkilis of Your Healthiest You. Robyn is a holistic health coach, body image expert for The Today Show, Ayurveda expert, and Quinn’s other half in their amazing collaboration in the kitchen {Healthy} Cooking Camp with Robyn + Quinn.

In this conversation with Robyn, we cover so much including what to eat late at night, go-to easy meals, body image and mindful eating practices.

We mention a plethora of links & takeaways:

-We chat about how Chia Pudding is the perfect night-time snack or for some extra energy during the day. Here’s a link to my super simple chia pudding video & Robyn’s awesome recipe for chia pudding.

-We talk how some recipes we can just eat over & over like her Easy Lemon Red Lentil Soup (a fav of Gabrielle Bernstein)

-She mentions this {Healthy} Cooking Camp spring salad. This slim-down spring detox salad has me drooling, it looks so nourishing and yummy!

-We honestly discuss how mindful eating can be hard. Here’s the link to Robyn’s amazing blog post on it that I mention & my post on the eating awareness guidelines we had to follow in my yoga teacher training visualized.

-And we also mention how labels are stupid & Robyn reveals her amazing journey to being a rad health/kitchen/wellness/body image guru, that I look up to so much.

Don’t just read the cliff notes! There’s so much more great info in the interview so download it by right clicking the golden dot below or listen right on YouTube.

Do you have additional questions for Robyn or I? Ask in the comments below & we’ll both get back to you!