Episode 126 - Jonathan Fields of The Good Life Project

138 | Jonathan Fields returns on importance of focus & his approach to balance for A Good Life + More!

jonathan-fields-753x1024Today I am stoked to be bringing back one of my favorite podcasters and personal inspirations for me starting my own podcast, Jonathan Fields. Some of you may remember him from episode #44.  Jonathan is the creator of all kinds of mission driven media including his podcast which features all kinds of heart driven guests speaking about the many aspects that make up a good life. You can even catch a small section where I am featured on his podcast here.

It’s been a couple years since he has been on my pod so I was delighted to talk to him about his latest book and get his sage advice on anything going on in my life as a super wise mentor in my life. He emphasizes what I am trying to practice most these days — living a balanced life. You will hear us talk about how when we focus too much on one ‘bucket’ or area of life it often will never change. I’ve personally found this true on so many levels as I continue to grow and heal in my own life. He also gave me some some really helpful insight  around my big recent struggle of feeling like ‘a jack of all trades, master of none’.

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