177 | my Favs / Gratitudes No. 014 - June 2017 Favorites - Katie Dalebout

177 | my Favs / Gratitudes No. 014 – June 2017 Favorites

Last week I got to speak at Wanderlust in Vermont and hang out with pod listeners, past pod guests (like TaliaJessica, Jason Wrobel) future pod guests (Ruby Warrington  & Nicole from Splendid Spoon) and made tons of new friends. It was a blast and made me realize how much I love doing in person events.  I’m hoping to do some summer listener meet-ups here in NYC in the upcoming months so be sure to sign-up for the mailing list to get all the updates on that. Today is another favorites / gratitudes / things I’m loving episode. I really enjoy doing these because it gives me a chance to reflect on things I’m enjoying and share them with you. And if you aren’t already a member of the Podcast Listener group on Facebook it’s a great place to continue the conversation by telling me what you are grateful for right now so I can explore new things as well. Since this is the first episode I am doing since moving to NYC you will notice I talk a lot about all the places I’ve been eating at and exploring around my city. Being in a new city has been a fun and exciting change for me. New York is so vast there’s so much I want to eat and do and see so I’m constantly taking notes on new places to  explore so please share your suggestions with me on social media.