161 | Katy Wright on Friendship, Style, Growth, Moves + I'm Taking A Leap - Katie Dalebout

161 | Katy Wright on Friendship, Style, Growth, Moves + I’m Taking A Leap

While I love meeting new people though the podcast and recording our first conversation, what I might love even more is leading deep conversations with my real life friends. For some reason having the microphone between us allows the conversation to go into directions it likely wouldn’t if we were just hanging out in real life. Since we’re recording I can ask the deep life questions I might be too embarrassed to ask out of the blue or during brunch. While Katy was home over the holidays she spent a couple days with me and I made sure we spent some time recording since she’s one of the most fascinating people I know. This conversation covers navigating female friendships in our twenties from us talking about our experience of sticking with each other through moves, careers, and  lifestyle changes. Katy’s a stylist who spent time working at Vogue and assisting some of the top stylists in New York City so we talk about style and how to work yourself out of a slump in the way you dress. Katy is one of the most adventurous people I know so we discuss risk taking,  her extensive travels, moving around and navigating all the changing that occurs in your twenties.  We get a little “inside baseball” with our college life and friendship at the beginning and a bit throughout so you’ll get to know me more in this episode and I even reveal some big life news in the middle of the episode that I’ve been waiting and excited to share. I hope you like this episode as much as I did.