Kelsey Miller on the Let It Out Podcast with Katie Dalebout

244 | writing + more with Kelsey Miller author of I’ll Be There for You: The One About Friends

photo by Harry Tanielyan

It’s a rarity to have a repeat guest on the podcast, when someone returns it means I especially love talking with them. Kelsey’s first time on the podcast (her very first podcast!) was in 2015 when her first book, her memoir Big Girl came out, then she was was one of the panelists on my firs live podcast episode in 2016, and now she’s back with her newest book a retrospective on the show Friends called I’ll Be There For You: The One About Friends. We obviously gush about our love and experience with Friends and how much I loved her book, but we also talk about where she is now in her life. Since she last did the podcast she got married and left her full time writing position at Refinery 29, so I asked her relationship and freelance advice. Recently she ended the column she founded at Refinery 29, The Anti-Diet Project which chronicled her experience, and the experience of others (including this essay I wrote) with intuitive eating and giving up dieting, so I asked her where she is with all of that now. Kelsey is eloquent, dynamic, and oh so articulate so I always love chatting with her and especially loved this conversation, which ranged from friendship to her writing strategies.