Lacy Philips free and native

212 | Lacy Phillips of Free & Native on Situational Magnetism, Subconscious Beliefs, Body Image, Style, Authenticity + much more

A few months ago I was introduced to Free & Native‘s Lacy Phillips through my friend Katie. Over dinner one night Katie mentioned a workshop she’d recently attended in New York led by Lacy. After hearing about her experience, I was intrigued, yet slightly apprehensive because after years of obsession and addiction to all things personal-growth, spirituality, and manifestation I was at a point where I was exhausted by content even in the vicinity of self-help. Despite my trepidation I checked out Free & Native and few clicks and several hours later, I was hooked. Luckily, Lacy’s work is anti-self help while being the most helpful content I’ve stumbled upon in recent years. From her style and aesthetic to her message and wisdom, her work became very meaningful to me in the weeks leading up to this interview so I was a bit nervous to meet her in person when it finally arrived. Fortunately, Lacy was so warm and welcoming putting me at ease the second I walked into her Brooklyn apartment. We sipped a tea infusion Lacy made (Lacy’s also an herbalist) and chatted for hours about everything from bodies and food to style and design to relationships and finding partnership to authenticity, envy, feeling feelings, labels, boundaries, and of course debunking myths about manifestation. She’s the real deal; kind, genuine, smart, articulate, and beautiful. I loved this episode.