225 | Lisa Spiegel on Anxiety, Therapy, Motherhood, Creativity, Slowing Down + more! - Katie Dalebout

225 | Lisa Spiegel on Anxiety, Therapy, Motherhood, Creativity, Slowing Down + more!

I serendipitously met today’s guest therapist and co-founder of Soho Parenting Lisa Spiegel at an event she led The Wing. It was the day before I was leaving for a work trip and I felt particularly overwhelmed and incredibly anxious. I happened to be working late at the Wing that night and as I was wrapping up an event began in the room where I was vigorously typing–ironically it was a discussion about anxiety. Hundreds of overwhelmed women just like me packed into the space to listen to Lisa speak about anxiety, tools to help manage it, and ways to prevent it. With over 30 years of experience as a therapist, Lisa listened intently to every question asked, making the packed room feel like a small support group, she guided us through Life Force Yoga breathing techniques, and offered practical tools to take with us. After her talk I basically rushed the stage to thank her–her calming presence was just what I needed that day. Luckily she also agreed to speak with my on my podcast. On one of the first nice days of spring I visited her Manhattan apartment and we chatted with her for hours. We covered her career trajectory,as well as her self-care tips, sorting through the darkness of the world, motherhood as self exploration, women supporting each other, the importance of slowing down, the value of therapy and how to find the right therapist for you, Internal Family Systems, anxiety,  journaling, indecision, feeling feelings, tuning into your body, divorce, parenting, and so much more. Lisa is a delight and I learned so much from her in this episode and know you will too.