184 | Sam Zabell on Side Hustles, Podcasting, Adulthood & more! - Katie Dalebout

184 | Sam Zabell on Side Hustles, Podcasting, Adulthood & more!

I stumbled across today’s guest Sam Zabell’s podcast Adulthood Made Easy while doing research before my interview with Ashley Ford.  Sam had Ashley on her podcast a few months before I did and as I listened to that episode I knew I wanted the articulate and curious host Sam to also be a guest on my podcast. Sam moved to New York City to pursue a career in magazine writing after studying journalism at Northwestern. She found herself not only writing for Real Simple Magazine, she also hosted their podcast Adulthood Made Easy.  This conversation was recorded in her Manhattan apartment. We talk about podcasting, life in your 20’s, relationships, body image, side hustles and hobbies, living in New York and so much more. If you enjoy this episode let us know over in the Facebook Group. Also a quick reminder about the upcoming LIVE PODCAST recording I’ll be having at The End in Brooklyn. Come be a part of the conversation. Being able to record these episodes live has been such an incredible shift for me.