Seher Sikandar on the Let it Out Podcast with Katie Dalebout

243 | corporate to freelance, strict parents, photography, mental health, healing arts, qigong + more with Seher Sikandar

Today’s is a long one but a good one with the very wise Seher. We met at The Wing last spring and recorded this conversation a couple week’s ago in her beautiful Brooklyn apartment. Seher is one of the smartest, most fascinating people I know. As you’ll hear in this episode she was born to Pakistani immigrants in the San Francisco Bay area, then attended Wharton for business, initially attempted a traditional corporate job,  but ultimately became a freelance photographer. Now she views herself as an inter-disciplinarian; which we get into in this episode. We talk about leaving her corporate job, her transition to photography, learning a new skills, and becoming a music photographer. We talk a lot about family and navigating her very strict immigrant parents and a move across the country.  We also get into mental health stigma, her depression and what helped her with it, including therapy and wellness and healing arts including qigong, and way more it’s a long one and a good one And at the I do my new my L & L segment.