WWRadio Episode 051 | Elle Griffin - Katie Dalebout

WWRadio Episode 051 | Elle Griffin

photoThis week is a milestone and golden episode FIFTY of WWRadio! I can’t believe it’s been fifty amazing episodes & I can’t wait to do fifty more! Today we welcome to Wonderland an awesome feminine woman with more beautiful girl power than all the Spice Girls combined, Elle Griffin.  Elle is an amazing writer, speaker, and coach in areas of hormones and femininity as well as a  scholar of the divine feminine. Elle is one of the smartest people I know and she has so much wisdom to share about topics our society often shies away from like periods, sex, religion, and birth control. In this episode we actually extensively talk about all of those things.  She is the the founder and Editor-In-Chief of Over The Moon Magazine, co-host the smash hit radio show The Period Party, and  mentor to women through her private coaching practice. I’m so excited for you to hear our deep conversation on everything from religious views of women throughout history,  embracing  femininity, sex drive, ditching birth control,  hormones, moon phases and more. I know you’ll enjoy Elle’s visit to Wonderland as much as I did. Enjoy.