Zoë Ligon of Spectrum Boutique on Sexual Wisdom and More!

151 | Zoë Ligon of Spectrum Boutique on Unconventional Relationships, Sexual Wisdom, Defining Beauty, & More! [HIGHLIGHT DETROIT]

This week I have another HIGHLIGHT DETROIT episode with creative entrepreneur Zoë Ligon. I met Zoë about a year ago at a Valentines Day market here in Detroit. I was immediately drawn to her authentic aura and cheerfulness as well as her wisdom and passion around sexuality, art, and feminism. I interviewed her for this episode in her home this summer with her cat Trudy hanging out with us too. In this episode you’re join us for a  realtime long girl chat. As all good long conversations this one goes places we never expected. While Zoë does share her passion behind her work and how she got into her work that centers around sex education and sexuality we also talk about other unrelated topics like dealing with death of a parent at a young age, why it’s good to share things you are scared to share, modern relationships and what it means to communicate with your partner(s), body image when it comes to dating, the difference between calling someone out and calling someone in… so many good parts to this longer episode today. So with that I’ll let you get to listening….

As Zoë mentions at the end of the episode, she LOVES questions and helping people. So check out the show notes below for how to reach her via email or social media with any questions you have.