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Rad Monday Meanderings

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Hey Friend, welcome to another week in Wonderland where it’s always sunny. Hope you enjoyed last week’s Special edition  sleep week as much as I did. This is going to be a rad week too, I can feel it. I picnicked like it was my job this weekend, spending as much time as physically possible outside & listening to the Hay House World Summit which I’m completely obsessed with. WWRadio is back Wednesday with a new episodes, but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my picnic & selfie filled weekend & below are some of  my meanderings of the  internet over the last week. Peace.

Catch up on WWSleep Week: 
-4 tips to make your sleep even more awesome VIDEO 
-Here’s the link to the alarm clock I mention.
-Here’s my podcast episode with Shawn all about how to Sleep Smarter.
Here are my top 11 Sleep resources.
-My top tips for when you wake up late.
– & all my Sleep Week posts!

Ever fear you’re missing out because you’re not into what your friends are into? 

 Catch up on WWRadio! 

-Lunar hair care is fascinating

Freedom From Anxiety 

Iconic relaxed photos, I love these!

7 tips to relieve constipation 

-Do you want to eat healthy & feel better? Check out this rad detox coming up!

There is a way through every block. 

-Don’t have time to meditate? oh okay you must have time to feel like crap then, cool. 

Playlist of the week! Enjoy!

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