Serious Interview with A Revolutionary + EXCITEMENT GALORE - Katie Dalebout

Serious Interview with A Revolutionary + EXCITEMENT GALORE

Listen peeps, today’s interview with Isabel is not your typical WWRadio interview. We don’t talk morning routines or favorite color. We rant and rave and show the importance of an issue that has plagued both of us personally and from talking with you guys, many of you as well. The topic body-hate and food obsession. This woman is how I healed and now through this interview you’ll learn how she can help you do the same.

Just listen be open and know that these concepts may be new and they may also be radical. They legit might blow your mind and that’s a good thing.

If any of these things we spoke about resonate with you click here to sign up for her FREE video training series to go deep into her concepts.

Basically just ask yourself these questions….

Is food or weight a constant worry?

Can’t stick to a diet no matter how hard you try? 

Is your weight constantly holding you back?

Are you an emotional or binge-eater?

If these resonate check this out. 


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One thought on “Serious Interview with A Revolutionary + EXCITEMENT GALORE

  1. Thank you, that was pretty wonderful.
    I think about this stuff a lot!
    How we (mostly women, but some men too) are trapped in this body hating shit from such a young age and how it “rules” over us.
    Acceptance & self love is deep and also seemingly somewhat “frowned upon” in our culture right? What is that about? Women who are so comfortable in their own skin are often the subject of name calling or negativity, especially if the body they love and accept is not “model-esque”.


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