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Shift Accidents to Serendipity

10593293_147778735392312_1392962517_nI recently instagramed this story about an experience I had reframing an old belief pattern. It was such a transformative reframe that it warranted a blog post of it’s own.

Basically here’s the gist of it. 

I accidentally took a selfie while shuffling to put my stuff in my bag at the park and later found this photo in my camera roll. I accidentally took like ten photos while packing up at the park, most were of the sky or my bag or black or really unflattering but then there was this…mid ponytail flip.

Completely accidental. Yet intentional. When I was a kid, a friend’s mom called me accident-prone, something that I carried with me until recently holding onto it and therefore proving it true. At the time I remember it really stung. I was so embarrassed and felt so hurt by that one comment and only recently have let it go. I was proving it to be true in my life until I realized why and where this old belief came from.  I realize now it was actually a compliment, because sometimes accidents are beautiful…um serendipity anyone? I think what she meant to call me was serendipity-prone. Don’t you? Phew feels good to share this.

-Do you have an old belief you’re still holding onto that isn’t serving you anymore?
-A name you were called as a kid that you started to believe and still believe as an adult?
-Do you subconsciously feel not good enough?
-Not smart enough perhaps, because someone told you you were stupid in first grade?

Get honest, to this exercise, and see what’s holding you back. Email me if you want to go deeper here, I can help.

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