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Sleep Week In Wonderland + MONDAY MEANDERINGS

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Happy Monday! It is Sleep Week here in Wonderland where each day my posts will be themed around the importance of sleep. Our WWRadio guest is a repeat guest Shawn Stevenson who has a new book out all about how to make sleep an important practice in your life. Tomorrow I’ll be back with some additional Sleep Week required reading, but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my weekend so far & below are some of  my meanderings of the  internet over the last week. Enjoy exploring!

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-Your June horoscope 

-The program that FINALLY ended my struggles with food. 

-My video this week!

My latest article on Mind Body Green 11 Things To Add To Your Summer Bucket List 

-Pretty cool act of Self-Care and eating I did this weekend. 

-There’s still time to sign up for  your Roadmap to Wonderland, the Rockstar Roadmap The creator Robyn is not only one of my very first ever WWRadio guests, but also a guru when it comes to living Wellness Wonderland when you don’t have an abundance of time.

Rad natural homemade products I found at the farmer’s market this weekend, check em out.

Quinn’s article on the top 10 things she learned from working at a farm 

Join last week’s WWRadio guest’s challenge Say It, Sweat It, Get It 

All About Eggs From Quinn 

Do you think thin= attractive? 

What Would You Do Today If You Didn’t Despise Yourself?

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