Have you seen the trailer for this amazing documentary? It seems to be a must-watch for the nation & the world right now. At least watch the trailer and let me know what you think. What makes you happy? Remember happiness is simply a choice we make.

And I know what you’re thinking…that’s great, but I thought this was a weekend wellness post, give me a health tip or superfood something? Okay well here you go…here’s the number one health tip I will ever give on this blog, BE HAPPY. Just do it. Being happy will make you immediately look, feel, & be better. So just pretend to be happy at first if you have to, and eventually you will be. Remember this Kurt Vonnegut quote that I repeat daily, “You are what you pretend to be, so be careful who you pretend to be.” So fake it until you make it and eventually you won’t be pretending anymore!


How do you do with change? Ready or not, here it comes

{photo: tumblr}

 My life is in a huge transition right now, and what’s ahead is so exciting. After graduating this May, I’m finishing up yoga teacher training this summer & this week I’m moving out of my college house where I’ve lived with my roommates and best friends for the last two years.

Other than being a literal pain, (I’m sore everywhere from attempting to lift couches & beds) it’s been an emotional roller coaster of feelings…feeling sad to leave a house of memories…feeling unsure (yet hopeful) about the future…and most of all feeling ready for change.  Who knows where the next step will take me?  That is the most exciting part…any suggestions?  How do you feel about change? Be open to it, because sometimes you can’t stop it whether you’re ready or not.

the words I’m living by right now


These are the words I’m living by lately. I’m working on figuring out what I want to be / going to be it. Do you ever pretend to be like someone in your imagination? Well I do, and before you know it I’d turn into them.  For example, I would imagine teaching and practicing yoga like my yoga teacher and guru Jen and now I find myself looking and sounding like her (at least I hope).  The power of visualization is limitless.