Honest Review of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital


Can you spot me in that crowd? I’m there in the front row, seat lucky 111.  I will never forget the moment Gabby came on stage. She locked in at me as she began telling the story of how she began in vivid detail I’d never heard before. More than any other time in my life I felt so certain I was meant to be somewhere. It was epic and changed my life and the course of my career.

I had been asking my mentor Gabby to teach me how to do what she does in my own way for years. I heard she once asked Marianne Williamson how she could share spirituality 924580_1470695189864313_658335621_nwith her generation, so I asked Gabby that same question on her radio show when I was 19 years old and soon realized I wasn’t the only one asking her that (luckily because WE’RE ALL NEEDED!). Her answer for me & everyone of what to do if you have a message to share and an urge to teach?
Spirit Junkie Masterclass. 

I went to a three day weekend extravaganza filled with guest speakers, public speaking training, business training, extensive live q & a, workbooks, and all the info on how to start a spiritual business a girl could ask for with a side of dancing & fun was an experience I will never forget.

This experience was a blast. But I’ll be honest with you it was A LOT. I felt like so much was jammed into one short weekend, I needed to slow down and learn at my own pace.  Luckily, Gab created something else recently which is relaunching now where I could go at my own pace and went into even MORE detail of how to actually start a business and with even more tools of how to implement all I learned.  The digital version of the course Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital is the learning experience I really was able to get into. You can go at your own pace and all the speakers from all the versions of the live trainings are included which is rad. I did 10311266_1471188536475289_1477340397_nthe program myself and was surprised at how helpful and user friendly it was. Also, it is seething with bonuses including something from Gabby’s husband Zach, who I love. Zach created this rad bonus about contracts giving you all the contracts you’ll need to start your business, something that massively has helped me.

I’m honestly kind of in awe of this program. Hearing Gabby be so real with us, trusting us to open up about the inner workings of how she runs her spiritual business was really amazing. She left nothing out, answered every question,regardless of how personal or deep. She brought in her best friends, coaches, colleagues, and even her husband Zac10693336_646892608762990_728514224_nh to teach their areas of expertise too. Her mission of not creating disciples but rather teachers is such a beautiful mission and will truly change the world way more than she could alone (although she’s an epic powerhouse duh). I considered myself her biggest disciple but now I have become her biggest teacher and that’s was Spirit Junkie Masterclass allowed me to do.

Since then, I have built a coaching practice, built my podcast to more subscribers than I ever thought possible, and finishing my first book which is coming out with Hay House in a few months and Gabby herself wrote the forward. I tell you this not to impress you, but to impress upon you what’s possible when you listen to a call to teach and SHOW UP, for SJMC and simply for yourself and your life purpose.

Anyways, clearly I’m into this and I highly suggest you check it out if you’ve been hearing the call to share, lead, or teach in your unique way. Your way may not be a blog, podcast, or youtube channel although it might be and I can’t wait to listen, watch, and link to it, but also it might be bringing these messages into the office or to your kindergarden classroom or to your family. Wherever you feel called to share the message just share it because

WE NEED YOU. THE MORE LIGHT YOU SHARE THE LIGHTER TH10666040_695282437228036_796817099_nE WORLD BECOMES. –> Woah tweet that. 

If you have any questions about Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital email me and I’ll answer them or Gabby herself is on WWRadio this week and might answer some there too. If you do want to sign up with me
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PS. If you missed the free training videos Gabrielle released over the last couple of weeks, here they are – this will give you a great sense of the concepts you’ll learn in Spirit Junkie Masterclass.

  • Video 1: Stop Holding Yourself Back From Following Your Purpose
  • Video 2: Turn Your Purpose Into Your Paycheck
  • Video 3: Attract Media Coverage For Your Message

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Note: I am a proud affiliate for Gabby meaning the Wellness Wonderland may make a commission for referring people to the program through however it doesn’t cost you any extra. Also, it’s a win win, you’re able to support my podcast and blog and I’m able to share about a person and program that I genuinely love so much. 

Inspiration in Graduation Speeches, Outside of Self-Help, & Everywhere.

david foster wallaceI love me a good commencement speech. This one by Mindy Kaling made me laugh out loud (that felt nice to write out) multiple times and this one by Conan had some awesome wisdom buried in a mountain of gut laughs. I even wrote an entire blog post years ago about my love for this version of a graduation speech, but this speech by author David Foster Wallace had a huge impact on me. There are so many great quotes in it that are so simple yet profound. Just please watch it, but here’s my favorite::

“Don’t worship false idols, they will consume you. Do your best to be kind. The world is what you make of it. Just because something is clichéd doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Clichés are accumulated human wisdom, and their being worn smooth from repeated use doesn’t mean you won’t be gauged by their accuracy.”

Choose your temple, Wallace said at Kenyon in May 2005. Worship something that won’t destroy you. As noted in this article about it from Kenyon College where the speech was given::

“Though the speech is unassuming, its wisdom seems hard-earned, implying there was a lot of pain in learning the lessons Wallace was trying to impart. The darkness in the speech is what gives it weight.

It was almost as though Wallace thought if we believed him enough, he might eventually believe what he was saying, too.”

Sadly, I don’t know if he did believe his own words. Wallace committed suicide in 2008, which is particularly sad to me because of the fact that Wallace seemed to be constantly contemplating happiness, peace, & how to achieve it–a concept I’m constantly contemplating myself.

I once heard on a podcast that Helen Schucman, the psychologist and professor who basically wrote the famous spiritual text, A Course in Miracles (she channeled it) never actually believed the words she wrote. This was heartbreaking to me. Perhaps because I’m working on writing a self-help book myself right now and I assumed on some level that by simply writing one it would mean that myself/ life would automatically be ‘helped’ from the information I share in it the book. It doesn’t work that way though, I still have to do the exercises in my book consistently to benefit even if I’m the one who made them up. I can intellectually understand the material but I still have to apply it if I want the benefit from it.

What’s fascinating to me about Wallace’s life and even more about his untimely death is that, as stated in this article, his work “tends to verge right on the border of self-help.” Like I said, we’ll never know if Wallace believed his own message but what I think is that he did understand the concepts and believe them but like Helen, and I, and many of us involved, interested, or like me immersed in personal development, he was unable to integrate his concepts fully in his own life.

I struggle with this too. I intellectually understand useful, psychological, or spiritual concepts and ideas from the countless self-help books I read but truly integrating the message and applying the theories in my daily life is a completely different animal all together that I have far from mastered. This makes me question all self-help authors and spiritual teachers, not for their validity (I know their concepts make sense) but for how they are actually able to fully apply their work in their lives. I think of the authors as people outside of their body of work and that is more inspiring to me now than their body of work ever will be.

The interesting thing is that I can trick myself into feeling like I’ve got it together by constantly distracting myself with spiritual or personal growth content. It’s easy to convince myself into thinking I’m actually living these concepts all the time when in reality I’m just consuming information all the time, but rarely living it.

It takes honesty and vulnerability to realize this and even more to blog about it but I suspect I’m not alone. I found, for me, personal growth work was just another way for me to distract myself from my feelings. I’m not knocking it, I still will read self-help books, I’m still writing one for gosh sakes, but I’m also reading fiction, making new friends, and working on other creative projects outside this realm–and that is truly helping myself.

So I’m taking a break from trying to better myself and just being, which makes me better by default. Self-development by nature states that something within me needs developing, but what if I don’t? What if the way I am right now was enough? What if I am good enough as I am? What if I am worthy of love, friendship, success just as I am without having to read another self-help book, write one, or hire another coach, teacher or mentor?

I’m trying that for a while. If you relate to my addiction, I suggest you eventually try it too. You might have to first hit a bottom with what you’re trying now.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Wallace that speaks to all of this perfectly & ties this all up in a bow better than I ever could.

“The truth will set you free. But not until it is finished with you.”
Infinite Jest (1996)

PS. If you’re fascinated by Wallace’s life and work like I am you might want to see the new movie, The End of The Tour out this summer about his life starring Jason Segel and Jesse Eisenberg. The movie is based on the book Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace, by Eisenberg’s character David Lipsky who followed Wallace on his book tour for Infinite Jest writing a piece on him for Rolling Stone which was never published in that magazine but later was released as a book. I’m psyched to see it and what intrigues me the most is that most of the dialog between Wallace and Lipsky is accurate based on what was recorded on Lipsky’s tape recorder during his road trip with Wallace.