13413163_908998672539217_1980594856393416726_nIt’s been way too long since I’ve done a Monthly Meanderings post. A long tradition in WW-Land meanderings are links to the things that have inspired me around the web this past month (plus a bit). Until next time keep in touch on Facebook & Instagram . The new season of the podcast starts up THIS WEEK so tons of new pod episodes coming but until then explore the archive or my book. Have you checked it out yet? Let me know what you think–here’s the link to my book + all the cool bonuses you can get when you order! & most importantly all the dates for my BOOK TOUR.

Places I’ll be… 13427831_910410179064733_8178824810734747341_n

-June 22- this Wednesday in my hometown East Lansing, MI
-July 10- Columbus, Ohio
-July 16- Chicago
-August 6- Toronto
-Full list of tour dates here. 

Very random links for you to meander … 

-I’ve shared this talk about Fame before from one of my fav people on the planet, Josh Radnor but I’m sharing it again because a) it’s so good and b) I interviewed him for the podcast this weekend! Get excited for his interview coming soon to headphones near you.

-I loved this episode of my friend Jess Murnane’s podcast  with Laura Miller the author of the cool new cookbook Raw Vegan Not Gross.

-Speaking of Jess, she’s killing it with the content lately and all her episodes have been especially awesome. I also really loved her recent article on motherhood in The Coveteur.

-Enjoyed this Father’s Day episode of Dear Sugar.

-I thought every summer I could go away and become a new person. This Rookie Mag comic is great. 

-My friend Rae just put all her amazing art on Etsy. She makes the best candles I’ve ever smelled in my life which are all natural + beautiful wall hangings.

-Well said & heartfelt from Tyler Oakley. 

Book I’m excited about right now.

13417399_909380669167684_705523689694149724_n-This Q round table on Queen Bey + the Fresh Air episode about Lemonade since I just saw BEY this week….Yes she was amazing live.  DUH!

Refinery 29’s Lucie Fink does 5 days of journaling. 

-All the amazing breakfast bowls you could ever need or want, both sweet and savory.

Dinner party tips. 

-Excited about this movie, want to all watch it together?

-Okay you’re welcome, this just might have changed your life! or at least your toast!

-The 9 types of people you’ll find in airports, which are you?

Kiss and tell! 13332841_905186692920415_1465735657487513048_n

Love him. 

-My friend un-quit sugar and this is what happened. 

-An awesome local magazine published this really in-depth interview with me. Read it here.

-Speaking of me, I was quoted in this important article.

-Still on me…my NYC first ever vlog in case you missed it!

-Made this list of women hosted podcasts along with some of my own podcast heroines.

-My blog post on my review of Gabby Bernstein’s SJMC Digital.

-The only all natural cover-up I use. I don’t even use foundation I just use a bunch of this stuff & I love it. I’ve used it for years. I also love that I happen to use shade 22 which matches my skin color perfectly year round because 22 is my lucky number.

-I’m going to Hawaii in November who wants to join me? 

-How pretty is this apartment?

-MUSIC:: I’m really loving the new James Blake album. It’s nice to work to. What are you listening to other than Beyoncé and Drake right now?



Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 1.00.43 PM{almost} a new month and a great week for new Monthly Meanderings. A long tradition in WW-Land meanderings are links to the things that have inspired me around the web this past month. Until next time keep in touch on Facebook & Instagram . Tons of new pod episodes coming this month until then explore the archive. My book is OUT. Have you checked it out yet? Let me know what you think!

Here’s the link to my book + all the cool bonuses you can get when you order! & most importantly all the dates for my BOOK TOUR. I’m probably (I hope) coming to a city near you.

also the new photo above is from my friend Abbey’s new photos she took of me last weekend. You probably remember Abbey from her episode of my podcast we recorded last fall but if not listen here. She was in town to do her Fearless Sessions which are amazing and you can read about them here.

Places I’ll be… 

-May 14th DETROIT book launch party 11am-2pm at Red Hook Detroit (West Village). RSVP up here! & Here’s the link to buy tickets!

-May 21st LA Launch party and book signing at Ashland Hill in Santa Monica. RSVP in the FB event (coming soon!)

-LA LIVE Podcast that week will probably be happening as well, details for that to come.

-May 28- I’m going to be in Columbus Ohio at the Barnes & Noble there with Simi Botic hosting a Q & A with me.

-June 18th in Chicago-details to come

-Full list of tour dates here. 

Cool links for you to explore that I liked // did // thought were interesting this month… 

-Lisa Frank has always been fabulous and she’s still killing it. 

-Fav Style Like U video of the month. 

Movie I really want to see. 

-One word:: Beyoncé

-also really enjoyed this round table discussion of Lemonade. 

Your future self.

I wrote this about self-care on hello giggles. 

-Speaking of movies are you guys going to see this one? I had to turn off the trailer halfway through because it was so scary.

-My good friends Jesse and Rachel who are the founders of KooShoo are coming out with the coolest baby pants ever. 

-The prettiest ceramics on the internet. 

-Amazing Podcast about FRIENDS! 

-How often do you call your mom? This video made me laugh.

-My bestie Carly is launching this cool Sexy Self Care Masterclass, check it out here! 

-Are you awkward? Take this funny quiz

-Loved this convo with Ann and Liz two of my fav writers.

-I’m speaking at this COOL Detroit yoga festival this summer! Come!

-Love both of the people in this interview so much. Almost too much to handle. So much wisdom in here.

-Loved this episode of my friend Jess Murnane’s podcast.

-A fun podcast I was on last month. 

Becoming the person you’re meant to be. 

-I thought this was fascinating. and relate so much.

Interesting article I was quoted in. 

-I was on the news this month talking about the book! Watch the clip here! 

-I was on my new friend Gracy’s podcast all about self-care which you can listen to here.  +

-Speaking of Self-Care I wrote this article for Hello Giggles about 19 things you might not think of as self-care but actually are.

-I was also on my friend Alex Jamieson’s podcast the Crave Cast, listen to that here.

-Can’t stop looking at this dress on Nasty Gal. Want it. And Facebook keeps reminding me with their dumb ads.