Lena Dunham, Food, Body Image, & Role Models

Special edition episode where Isabel Foxen Duke and I riff on the food and body section of Lena Dunham’s book Not That Kind of Girl. We get into body image, food, and how women are usually portrayed in the media and how Lena Dunham’s work is instrumental in shifting this.

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-Buy the book, Not That Kind of Girl.
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-Podcast Episode with Isabel Foxen Duke
-Stop fighting Food with IFD
-the amazing trailer of Fatitude that IFD mentioned
-Isabel’s ode to the “medium sized woman” in the media on Huff Post

-Struggle with this stuff? Watch this training series from IFD! 

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Lena Dunham is making visible an issue that most women silently struggle with, #BodyImage.

Thanks @lenadunham for bringing awareness to body positivity. @isabelfoxenduke & @katiedalebout discuss #notthatkindofgir


-When you find yourself counting calories even when you don’t want to, actively stop yourself by thinking about anything but food.
-Keep in mind that celebrities are first entertainers and role models second. While they bring attention to these deep rooted body image issues most women struggle with in silence in and that is great, they do not aim to teach they are simply sharing their often flawed experience of being products of our society.

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Special Guest Who Will Help You Not Be Crazy Around Food

Today there’s a very special guest in Wonderland. Isabel Foxen Duke, emotional freedom from food guru is here and speaks about body image, tips to not be food crazy during the holidays, normal eating, and business marketing strategies for capturing the attention of people who need to hear the message even when they don’t want it (they just want to lose weight).

-Check out out interview we mention  for The Beauty Bean: How Emotional Eating Can Be A Good Thing.  

Our original long-form podcast interview on #WWRadio where we get into many concepts including Isabel’s background and main principles.

-Hang out with Isabel here!

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“You think you have a food problem, but that won’t exist if you didn’t have a body image problem.” @isabelfoxenduke via #wellnesswonderland w/ @katiedalebout

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