Here It IS – Your HAPPY Holidays Audio Workshop! Enjoy!


As promised, here’s the audio

of my Putting The HAPPY back into the Holiday Season Workshop. As I explain in the recording, this workshop is adapted from a rad live in-person workshop I gave at my local yoga studio. After promoting that workshop on my blog I received many requests from people all over to be able to participate via live stream. With that, I revamped the workshop and was set to livestream it Sunday night. In the most humbling way, major technical difficulties prevented it from happening (thank you again to all who were there waiting for me Sunday night).

During that sticky situation I felt sad, embarrassed, and grateful all at the same time, then instantly decided to practice what I was planning to preach that night & use it as an opportunity to pivot and Put The Happy Back Into The Situation. Throughout the week as I prepared this audio or video, it became clear to me exactly why my Sunday evening debacle occurred. This workshop was never meant to be live. The content translates better into a pause-able, listen on-the-go, again and again, on your own time, in your own space type of platform and the one I love best: a podcast. Now you can take your time with this workshop, and go in deep to each of the meditations, exercises and tools included.

Now this audio recording has longevity and can be used to help all of us forever stay HAPPY & in Wonderland throughout any holiday.

I learned more than simply how to properly use YouTube Livestream – I discovered that when things don’t go your way, even if you’re positive that your plan is best, there’s a plan far greater than your own.

I hope you enjoy Putting The Happy Back Into The Holiday Season this year. And now that you have the tools, have a truly HAPPY holiday season.

Adore you all,

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Here is the worksheet PDF again!
Download PDF


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Join me tomorrow for my LIVE online holiday extravaganza. It is truly going to be an amazing workshop that will make you fall in love with the holidays again. I’ll give you tools to prepare yourself to feel the magic & excitement you felt as a child or always dreamed of feeling. RSVP by commenting below or joining the Facebook event here.

I’ll be sending out a REMINDER email tomorrow with all the PDFs and materials you’ll need for class so please sign up for my emails above and to the left! <–

To view the workshop live simply follow THIS link & you’ll see me appear broadcasting LIVE from Wonderland at 9:30 EST/6:30 PST. Just make sure you’re watching in a comfortable area, perhaps in your PJs, with a nice cup of a warming beverage. Perhaps a luscious hot cocoa or warm water with lemon or your favorite cup of tea. Also, have a pen on hand, with a notebook to jot down any notes, and most importantly please print off the PDF worksheets I will be sending out tomorrow (so make sure you’re signed up for email updates to receive them). Just settle in and enjoy the moment and be fully present to soak up all the tools I share.

I can’t wait to hang out with you all tomorrow night! xxoo



You’re Invited…


…to my holiday extravaganza! I’m hosting my first LIVE online event! It’s going to be an interactive workshop on keeping the HAPPY in the holidays. Please join me!

RSVP in the Facebook event here! & I’ll be posting all of the materials you’ll be needing for class later this week including some PDFs you’ll need to print out!

2013 GIFT GUIDES NO. 1 | For The Movers & Shakers On Your List


This is the first installment of my 2013 guides check out the intro here. This guide is for the Wellness Wonderland inhabitant who loves moving their body in creative & fun ways. From yoga to dance to just plain walking! This is everything they could ever want.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 11.34.01 PM

Shoe– The running, hiking, & walking shoe I have loved this year, seriously the most comfortable thing ever on my foot. I felt like Cinderella when I found these.


Rebounder– This is the best way to get in exercise when you’re busy & don’t have time to make it to a yoga class, the gym, or even outside for a walk. Having one of these may be your ticket. As a kid, I adored jumping on the trampoline so much. I could stay out there jumping for hours with my little radio.


Jump Rope- Another simple tool for staying fit while staying inside during the long winter (when all you want to do is hibernate) is a jump rope. It  will also make you feel like a little kid again, which is the best.

Shrink Session– This is the workout that changed my entire year. I adore Erin Stutland & Shrink Session so much, get her free workouts just by signing up for her email newsletter and try it out for yourself.

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 11.54.55 PM

Manduka Mat- This is the mat I love, it’s a little heavy but I love using it. My aunt calls it the Mercedes-Benz of yoga mats.

Keeping your body moving is only part of the equation to be fit. Be sure to seek the guidance of a good health coach or nutritionist.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 12.03.17 AM

The Rockstar Roadmap group coaching – For when someone is getting started with wellness & has no idea where to start! The Rockstar Roadmap is the GPS to Wellness Wonderland.  It’s a fun group of women, classes, handouts, and more. Sign up for the Rockstar Roadmap with the amazing Robyn Youkilis.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 12.14.06 AM


Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 12.14.15 AM

Culinary Karma Coaching– Getting along in your health journey, but need an intuitive guide to hold space for you & help you take your health to a place where you feel great in your body? Book a session here.

Cyber Monday Non-Meanderings | Presenting 2013 WWGift Guides


You may recall my 2012 holiday gift guides –well, they’re back by popular demand and better than ever! I truly believe the holiday season can be a more pleasant experience for all when the focus is on “what can I give,” rather than, “What can I get.” However, the fact is that in our culture, gift giving is part of the tradition of the season and it’s a lovely one. But remember to take care of yourself this holiday season because you can’t give what you don’t already have.

Keep your focus on giving not just material presents but your time, love, effort, and support. Make this quote from Erin Stutland your mantra for the season & beyond:

“I focus on giving because what I give is what I get.”

While giving doesn’t mean exclusively presents, they are part of the season. When it comes to gift buying and receiving it is always best when it is something thoughtful that the person has really been wanting or you just know they would adore- something that you look at and immediately think of them and you must buy it for them regardless of the occasion. Those gifts are the best & the most fun to give, but what about those people you’re just stumped about? You don’t have a clue what to buy them, but you want to refrain from just buying them ‘junk,’ and that’s where a magical little card called an Amazon gift card comes in. And while yes, that may not be the most personal gift under the tree, at least it is something you know they will use rather than toss or regift.

So to help you out finding the ideal thoughtful gift for the Wellness Wonderland inhabitant on your list, I reveal to you the 2013 WELLNESS {WINTER} WONDERLAND GIFT GUIDES.

This week expect 5 unique gift guides to target the following people on your list: 

  • Monday: The Movers & Shakers
  • Tuesday: The Pretty Thing Lovers
  • Wednesday: The Meditating Yogi
  • Thursday: The Person Who’s Always Cold
  • Friday: The Bookworm

I can’t wait for you to see all the fun high-vibe presents I’ve chosen! Happy Holidays! Enjoy gift guide week! xxoo

ps. Speaking of holidays, if you haven’t signed up for my lecture, Putting the Happy Back Into The Holidays, sign up here!

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