Sleep Week Resources {Required Reading, Watching, or Listening}


My relationship with sleep has been tumultuous. From staying up all night finishing projects and being cheering at school the next day to spending my adolescence sleeping-in until at least noon every weekend.  I didn’t really think much about sleep at all, which became ironic when I immersed myself in healthy eating and living. I was focused on exercise and food to be ‘healthy’ but researching articles on candida until 2:00am. Now is that an oxymoron or what? It wasn’t until this year, that a teacher came into my life who drastically altered my relationship with sleep. Shawn Stevenson, sleep guru and author of this brand new book Sleep Smarter: 21 Proven Ways To Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success taught me the importance of sleep & gave me the real wake up call [pun intended] that optimizing my sleep was the missing factor in  elevating my vitality so I could be most effective in what I’m on earth to do.

Definitely, check out Shawn’s book, it WILL change your life and is required reading for all WWonderland inhabitants. He will also be the guest on WWRadio this Wednesday for a special edition podcast: The Wellness Wonderland Sleep Over. Additionally, check out the resources below that will also help shift your paradigm with it comes to sleep.

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1. Danielle LaPorte on Sleep 


2. Gabby Bernstein on Sleep As a Spiritual Practice. 

sleep spiritual

3. How Sleep Deprivation Decays the Mind & Body…yikes! get those zzzzzz’s

4. How Sleep Can Help Cure Acne

5. TED talk on Why We Sleep 

6. The Alarm Clock that I use and recommend – kinda pricey but totally worth it! Buy it here! Philips Wake-Up Light!


7. Shawn’s Book, Sleep Smarter  omg, trust me just read it, okay? Celebrate with him.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 10.00.28 AM

8. Sleep Infographic from Mind Body Green. 

9. Legs up the wall before bed so healthy!

10. Shawn’s 3 part Podcast on Sleep. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

11. And last but not least my sleep playlist for your listening & sleeping pleasure. Yawn. Good Night, don’t let the bed bugs bite.

New Moon + New Month = Desire Map Book Club Begins, with a side of Meanderings of Course

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Hope you had a great weekend. Here’s some Insta-insights from my week including as you can see meeting Joe Cross (you know I asked him on WWRadio, hear our chat soon!) a ton of yoga, and journaling.


The New Moon was this Friday night at 3:00 am EST.  Our wishes, goals, intentions, and manifestations are most powerful when made in the 48 hours after. So get goal setting!

Read this article from Jordan Bach (who I interviewed for WWRadio this weekend, coming soon!)

So with that, it is the perfect time to start Desire Mapping! So grab your journal join the private Facebook group  I set up for us & buy the book here!

New month + new moon = ideal time to start the Wellness Wonderland Desire Map book club

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& now for your links…

New Moon Yoga Flow I did this morning & loved!

Listen to the Podcast now on Simplecast!

Great episode on The Model Health Show this week on how sitting down is worse than smoking for your health!

Made me laugh out loud this week! 

How amazing does this nut butter look? 

Speaking of food did you see this week’s Foodie Friday recipes?

He speaks right to my core, his quotes go right in! 

More laughs! 

Last week’s WWRadio

post I wrote last year on LENT & consistency

& the follow-up Routines are Rad but… 




There Is A Way Through Every Block


Monday Meanderings  have been a mainstay in Wonderland since I started the blog. A day where instead of sharing a new post from me, I share what has been inspiring me from around the web & a few insta-glimpses into my weekend. However, last week was special and I shared a little story and lesson that truly touched me & this week I thought I’d do the same, hope that’s cool with you.

I teach yoga every Sunday morning  to an amazing crew of peeps that teach me way more than I teach them (you should totally join them if you’re local!).  I’ve been teaching a new one of Yogi Bhajan’s 5 Sutras for the Auqarian age each week expanding on one of them in a little lecture at the beginning of class. They are beautiful, concise, and so powerful.

Here they all are, The Five Sutras of the Aquarian Age:

1. Recognize that the other person is you.
2. There is a way through every block.
3. When the time is on you, start, and the pressure will be off.
4.  Understand through compassion or you will misunderstand the times.
5. Vibrate the cosmos, and the cosmos shall clear the path.

If you’re willing, they can transform your life when you put them into practice.

Today’s class I focused on the second one.


Damn, good right? doesn’t it feel better just to read?

I preached that there is a lesson in every situation no matter how bad it seems & that the world is your classroom & people are your teachers. Even in a seemingly terrible situation you can always find the good. I offered the below affirmation that is a mainstay in my life. Say it whenever you’re in those moments of unease, stress, or fear. It does two things: calms you down immediately & gives the Universe time to step in and give you everything you need. & trust me is always does….(proof below keep reading)…

Here’s the affirmation:


Nice one right? It always works I swear and when you use it, the Universe will give you everything you need.

Case in point: Today driving to my yoga class I woke up with terrible shoulder tension and thought ‘ouch, dang I could really use a massage.’ As I walked out of teaching class a massage therapist walked up to me and said, “would you like a free massage?” I’m not lying! Do you have chills on how perfect that was? I do. It’s just a perfect example of when you are calm and certain of the outcome the Universe will give you everything you need…in my case a massage. It didn’t stop there, for the rest of the day the lights were green, the front parking spot opened up at the grocery store, and I felt completely supported. See how long you can stay in this flow.

Here’s the thing, we teach what we need to learn. I had fogotten this and remembered it after I taught it to others that day. Look what my man YB says about this:


Inevitably we will fall out. We will get out of sync. We will forget the affirmation. We will go into total freak out mode, but when this happens know it is fine. In fact, it’s natural and life’s not about staying in the flow, rather shortening the time it takes you to get back into it.

So how do you get back into it?

Well, there’s lots of ways. You can meditate, go to yoga, or wait for the guidance to come. All great options, but do you want one that is the end-all-be-all for getting back into feeling in the flow? HELP SOMEONE. I know what you’re thinking, if I’m the one in a funk why would I help someone else? Because that’s how we’re wired as humans to help and support each other, that’s what arouses us. This is the best way to get you out of your head & get you back into your flow. Try it. Namaste.










Let’s change our relationship with resolutions, shall we?

The word “resolution” rubs me the wrong way. It implies that we did something wrong this year and next year we need to resolve it. Resolutions are focused on what didn’t go well.

What we focus on expands, so if we focus on the areas that are already abundant we’ll create more abundance. As this year wraps up let’s focus on the POSITIVES of 2013 and go into 2014 with that energy!

Focus on the big wins of 2013;  the goals you achieved, the successes you had, the times you were kind to yourself and others.

Here are a few of mine:

-Moved to a new city

-Started a new job

-Completed the 2013 dance challenge

-Started and built WWRadio

-Connected with so many cool people

-Went to NYC a couple times

-Reached more people in Wonderland



HOMEWORK– create your list of BIG WINS. Those things that went well for you in 2013. Find a bit of gratitude for those things because what you focus on expands.


Let’s THRIVE IN 2014…

Taking things a step further, if you focus on how you want to feel rather that what you want to do in the new year, you set yourself up to win. To go deep into this concept check out Danielle LaPorte’s book The Desire Map, she’s amazing.

Have you ever reached a goal and still not felt fulfilled? Achieving goals and checking things off your list doesn’t automatically translate to happiness. However, this resolution remix is a surefire path to bliss. You can be sitting at your desk accomplishing goals left and right, but your legs are asleep, you’re exhausted, and you have a cold cup of tea on your desk… how does that feel? Not the greatest right? If you stay focused on how you want to feel and reassess your goals based on that, you set yourself up to win.

HOMEWORK– Ask yourself how you want to feel in 2014? Perhaps three feeling words (ie. loved, sexy, excited, adored, influential, abundant etc.) Next, each day reassess what you’re going to do to feel that way. For example, you want to feel beautiful, perhaps your wear a skirt instead of yoga pants… it can be that simple.

Tell me in the comments below your 2013 BIG WINS & 2014 CORE DESIRED FEELINGS. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW, PLEASE TELL ME. Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine too!

& Remember the lesson below, which is the biggest one I learned with year: patience.


Last Meanderings of 2013, it’s been real

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I’ve missed you! How was your holiday? Above is an Instagram glimpse into mine. Hopefully you’re taking some time wherever you are at the tail end of this year to relax, reflect, and feel renewed for 2013.

I’m so excited for the new year & can feel that good stuff is brewing. I’ve got a festive new year post for you tomorrow, but until then meander my favorite inspiring new year posts from around the internet as well as a collection of my favorite posts of 2013 from here in Wonderland.

Favorite inspiring & timely New Years Posts from around the web:

Gabby’s 14 Ways To Make ’14 Miraculous.

Jenny’s Drop Kick your Comfort Zone in 2014.

Carly’s Instead of Making ‘Get Healthier Resolutions…’

Kris Carr’s Forget New Year’s Resolutions & Find Your Ease In 2014

Best of 2013 in Wonderland:

First of all here are last year’s last Meanderings of 2012… always fun to be nostolgic.

My healthy marshmallow recipe from last week.

This interview with Isabel Foxen Duke on how to not be crazy around food (also from last week, ending the year with a bang).

The WWDiet!

My 2013 gift guides.

19 Ways to Start & End your Day!

The one where I learned a lesson.

The epic Last Dance Challenge Check in No. 12.

…and last but not least all my WWRadio Episodes (Thank you so much to all my amazing guests, I respect you all so much and I’m so grateful for your unique perspectives and inspiration.)