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Happy Fall! Enjoy the rest of the expansive internet below. There’s so much to see & hear on there, but here are the videos, interviews, podcasts, photos, and articles that caught my eye over the last month. I hope you like them too. Comment below with what you’ve been loving this month.

My favorite Pete Holmes bit ever of all time. I love this so much it’s crazy.

-This video of him with David Avocado Wolfe is pretty funny too though.

-Two Books I read this month & loved::
1. Elizabeth Gilbert’s newest book Big Magic is a must read. JUST TRUST ME. She talks creativity & life & ah there are just so many good stories I finished it in a day on audible, not joking.
2. Mindy Kaling’s newest book Why Not Me? also was delightful. I laughed a lot & felt super motivated with girl power. I highly suggest it too.

Okay I’m new to the Caftan but so unbelievably all about it. 

I adore Jenny Slate and obviously Obvious Child. 

Yum perfect fall popcorn trail-mix. 

-I love matthew gray gubler!​ just so much. 

Hello perfect fall pumpkin snack. 

Lol Hipster Barbie. 

I thought this article was super helpful maybe you will too or know someone it could help.

Two of my favorite powerful women talking is amazing and they’re talking about my fav topic creativity too! 

Look at this cool magazine, there might be someone you know featured in there? Take a look.So, go grab your copy! I can’t wait for you to dive in, the contributors are truly amazing.

Also, honored to be included in this post of light workers. 

– Guys so my friend and friend of the podcast Lucy (episode #72 ) is hosting this rad retreat next year in Bali:: Space and Possibility – happening in June next year, who wants to go with me?

This book is so amazing and so filled with wisdom that helps me in all areas of life. I recently re-listened to it here and the body chapter really got me. It starts at about 1:50min or so.

I love this and Stanle Tucci so much 

Super great post from my girl Isabel please read.
Here are my favorite lines though::

“I worry that women are being made to feel like failures when their attempts at improving their mental or spiritual health do NOT produce permanent weight loss.”

-Everything you ever need to know about superfoods. My amazing friend Nikky made an ebook about them that is beautiful. 

My favorite podcast right now, I just can’t get enough of these two. & one of them is going to be a guest on WWRadio super soon. yay.

What I REALLY think of Gabby Bernstein’s masterclass, an honest review.

-New podcast coming at you on Wednesday! so if you’re not caught up here are the most recent two::
Last week’s podcast Gabby Bernstein returns.
-The week before Isabel Foxen Duke was back.


The post wasn’t sure I should Share…

181249_1649729243740_877179584_n I wasn’t sure if I should share this, but the message is important so I am. This photo is on my Instragram from 3 years ago (you’d have to scroll until your thumbs spasmed to find it). It depicts my orthorexia perfectly not just because I’m scary skinny for my body but because I’m holding a bouquet of kale like it’s the happiest thing in my life, which at the time kale was which is the scariest thing about this photo. When you get more joy from kale, supplements, and your body than you do about your life, something is off.

That was the case for me, but at the time I had no idea. I had no idea how mentally (& yes physically) sick I was. That’s why I’m sharing.


You could have an issue with food & your body without being underweight. Get honest with yourself, what are your thoughts around food & your body? Are they truly healthy?

I have come along way & look nothing like that lollipop girl (head too big for body) I must get honest about something… I DO WANT TO GO BACK THERE sometimes…that’s the f’ed up truth. The nastiest thing is that I still I occasional judge myself in the mirror. If I’m being completely honest, having been at that weight before the thoughts of wanting return to it still plague me from time to time, BUT NOW I am AWARE of how psycho that is, so I choose a different thought, I do not entertain that nasty thought of not feeling good enough at my current size and wanting to be that thin again. Now I choose to seek out role models who are rocking it at whatever size they are meant to be.

Why do I still want to return to this scary image above? Many reasons:

-I could blame the fact that society idolizes this type of shape.

-I could blame the fact that “thin privilege” does exist, and that we idolize the thin as “healthy” even when it is far from it.

-I could blame the fact that when I was this weight, I received “compliments” like “you’re so tiny” & “you can wear whatever you want.” (I also had many people concerned & trying to help me [save me] at the same time, thank you!)  I was often still applauded for this size… & that my friends, is CRAZY f-ed up shit!katie011

But here’s the thing,  I don’t ‘blame’ anything, rather I’m grateful. Yes, I’m grateful I still have these thoughts because I realize how f’ed up they are & I was meant to share this with you & my mission is to shift this societal paradigm.

Bottom-line: I could choose to make my body my masterpiece by spending hours exercising and controlling my food OR I could make my LIFE my masterpiece & be my natural size, believe I’m good enough there, and love my life as a way to TAKE A STAND AGAINST “THIN PRIVILEGE” & SOCIETY’S WARPED IDEAL OF BEAUTY. I choose the latter, who is with me? If you are in tell me. I need a crew to do this with me if I am to succeed.  That was deep. But you guys, I’m seeing so much disordering eating shit around me and I just want to help so bad it kills me sometimes. That’s my honest truth. Thanks for reading this. & Listen to this episode if you want more on my story.

Taking Isabel Foxen Duke’s Masterclass Stop Fighting Food drastically helped me. She will be launching it again soon & if you want in or her free intro video course sign up here.  Let me know if you’re down to heal this craziness with me or if you want additional one-on-one support from me, having one-one-one coaches and mentors was the biggest thing that helped me through this. Check out my coaching program here. 

Foodie Monday Meanderings

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Hello peeps, I’m so happy to be in Wonderland with you today and sharing my Monday Meanderings with you as usual. This week’s links all have a bit of a theme: FOOD. Is food on your mind a lot? If you’re into wellness or high-vibe foods at all it probably is merely for the reason that if you choose to eat that way you have to think consciously about your decisions around food more than someone who does not. While I’m not saying at all that it is a bad thing necessarily but, it is when those thoughts about food become unmanageable when it becomes another issue. When it becomes for example, driving around frantically trying to find a certain type of nut butter on a vacation because you couldn’t possibly eat the food being served and you NEED to eat. That’s when you’re making food special and yourself special. You are making food something that can save you from the present moment instead of simply being in the moment.

Woah. That was some deep shit for Monday Meanderings, but I think talking about this and getting honest about our relationship with food is important. We can talk about food and recipes and health all day, but are we discussing those things as a coping mechanism to not have to feel our emotions or handle our stressful situations? Again, coping is okay and sometimes when I’m stressed I do choose to read tons of articles on wellness or zone out on  Instagram to cope but other times I actually choose to handle my feelings. The woman to taught me about this and what was really going on when I was googling gluten-free, daily-free, soy free, recipes for hours was my WWRadio guest (listen to that episode 055 here if you want to know more about that) last week. Hope you liked that episode & if you did she’s got a free video series on this concept and more you should totally check out.

So yeah today’s meanderings are basically all food related in honor of what I wrote above. But before we get into those links that caught my eye. I have a few announcements. First of all, the PODCAST is back but it is not going to be weekly for a while, hope you guys are cool with that. For now the show will come out on a more bi-weekly basis for a couple reasons:

-So I can keep bringing you rad content, 
-So you have time to let this really high-level info sink in. If you’re like me re-listen a few times.
-Because this week I want us to listen to this rad summit my friend and previous WWRadio guest is hosting
-& last but not least because I’m co-hosting another podcast again with a past WWRadio guest called Over the Moon Radio & you can listen to that here. It’s a super groovy show and you can hear me on many of the episodes. 

With that, you’ll want to make sure you sign up for my WW-land community emails and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so you never miss when the latest episode airs now. & without further ado below are my foodie meanderings & above are my Insta-glimpses into my past week. Eat up. 

oh and wait, about my weekend/week yeah I met Mastin Kipp on his book tour where he stopped in Detroit to see me (and a lot of cool other peeps) and he signed my book as you can see above and agreed to come on WWRadio, yay! Also, I taught at rad ego eradicator meditation in my yoga class Sunday morning and went to this sweet new moon infinity circle on Friday night, so yeah that’s what you see above.

-A song to listen to while you meander or cook. To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.

These muffins look so amazing right now! Who wants to make them with me? Purely Twins are so creative in the kitchen.

Shredded Beet & Carrot Salad now this looks so grounding and good I can’t even handle it.

Spirulina Millet omg yum want this so bad!

Warm Beet Kale bowl, will someone make this for me please?

Sautéed Collards with Herbs yum yum yum I want this too.

Yummy pumpkin spice smoothie! 

Cauliflower Risotto omg. sounds amazing. 

-No sugar blackberry muffins 

Sugar-free chocolate cookies I’m going to make. 

I think this is genius! 

A Couple Cooks, how cute are they?

-Minty Fresh 

-CHECK out IFD’s amazing video FREE series from to STOP FIGHTING FOOD & EMOTIONAL EATING!

Get my Enlightened Eating Tool Kit, it’s rad. 

How to Eat Slower! 

-If you liked the above topic on Eating Slower check out this post about how I healed my relationship with food and became Finally Full.  My thing is standing up while eating. Read more about 10 ways I healed this here.

How I finally got over all my food craziness & 10 tips for you to too.


Serious Interview with A Revolutionary + EXCITEMENT GALORE

Listen peeps, today’s interview with Isabel is not your typical WWRadio interview. We don’t talk morning routines or favorite color. We rant and rave and show the importance of an issue that has plagued both of us personally and from talking with you guys, many of you as well. The topic body-hate and food obsession. This woman is how I healed and now through this interview you’ll learn how she can help you do the same.

Just listen be open and know that these concepts may be new and they may also be radical. They legit might blow your mind and that’s a good thing.

If any of these things we spoke about resonate with you click here to sign up for her FREE video training series to go deep into her concepts.

Basically just ask yourself these questions….

Is food or weight a constant worry?

Can’t stick to a diet no matter how hard you try? 

Is your weight constantly holding you back?

Are you an emotional or binge-eater?

If these resonate check this out. 


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Meander Because It Is Monday

viewer viewer-1 viewer-2viewer-3

Guys, how often do you enjoy or even notice the tiny moments of beauty in your day? From the simple smile of a stranger to the crisp taste of an apple. Do you savor those moments or let them pass before you even acknowledge them? Get honest here. Before we get into Meandering I’m giving you some a homework assignment.


Throughout your week notice simple moments of beauty in your day. When you do, simply snap a photo & share that beauty by tagging me @katiedalebout on Instagram and Twitter or share on The Wellness Wonderland facebook and use #wellnesswonderland so we can all see eachother’s moments of beauty.

Above are a few example to get you thinking. These Insta-glimpses  into beauty I noticed in my week. They are all simple things like a pretty candle, some fresh flowers brightening up my bathroom, the vibrant colors I noticed chopping carrots, or a water color painting in a coffee shop.

I can’t wait to see what you guys post! Share this assignment with a friend by {tweet it out yo!}

I’m sharing mini-moments of beauty because I live in #wellnesswonderland with @katiedalebout share with us!

Exciting content coming from me this week, but as always until then please enjoy Meandering the rest of the internet curated by me.

-How much did you love this guest post on dressing for your body type? 

-& how inspiring was Gina DeVee on the most recent episode of WWRadio!

-I just can’t get enough Fire Water from my Sacha!

Culinary Karma brings the wisdom with this post on her RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD. + a rad salad!

-How cool is this company Kooshoo you’ll love them as much as I do! Check out their Kickstarter for creating sustainable eco friendly yoga clothes with passion!

-Listen to them on their episode of the With Purpose Podcast (my second and equally awesome podcast)

-IFD is so wise…exhibit A) her most recent post! exhibit B) Her post on how emotional eating is saving your ass.  

The Model Health Show, my fav podcast gives us tips this week on how to stay safe and healthy from our cell phone! 

Awesome gratitude journal site!

-After interviewing my beautiful friend Sacha this weekend I was reminded how much I adore her Fire Water in the mornings! It is the ideal way to start the day!

How to keep warm without raising the thermostat 

-Be sure to get caught up on the WWRadio Podcast & the With Purpose Podcast my second podcast I co-host with Erin! It would be so cool if you could leave us a review or two! I’d love you forever (I already do if your reading this honestly and have made it all the way to the end).

-Our Desire Map book club is going strong, so grab your journal join the private Facebook group  I  & buy the book here! And click Here to TWEET  invite a friend to join us!

-Since the Wellness Wonderland Desire Map book club is such fun lets do it again after we finish Desire Mapping. The book we will be reading next is Miracles Now the new book by my guru Gabby Bernstein which comes out this April! Preorder your copy here! & to kick things off Gabby will be chatting with me on WWRadio coming soon!

& this weekend Gabby is hosting a FREE workshop! Must sign up!