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It’s no secret in Wonderland that I’m pretty into Gabrielle Bernstein‘s latest book Miracles Now. Check out my book review here & my interview with Gabby on my podcast WWRadio here.  The book is so amazing that it is my selection for our WWBook Club, a private Facebook community where we discuss our collective experience with the book and how the ‘life-changing tools’ have impacted our unique lives.

This week’s video answers a question I received from someone in my book club. They asked what my favorite tools from the book were so I’ve shared them here. If you dig these tools, share them with a friend that you think they would help {TWEETABLE}.

1401944345Bottom-line: all 108 tools are super helpful.

The coolest part of all, is how the entire book is interactive. She refers you online to corresponding videos and shareable posts, to build community around the miracles now hashtag.

So let’s make this a trend, because it’s rad. Thank you @Gabbybernstein you did it again with #MiraclesNow {tweet that now!}

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May Cause Miracles is making me cause Miracles left & right

My guru Gabrielle Bernstein says…


…so I’m going to get real here.

When I first heard about my guru Gabrielle Bernstein’s new book May Cause Miracles, and watched the trailer, I was excited in the ‘my favorite book is becoming a movie’ or ‘favorite brand’s new product’ or ‘favorite band’s new album’ kind of way.  I assumed I’d like it merely because (as I’ve gushed to you many times before) the work of Gabrielle Bernstein has changed my life & she’s become my guru. But underneath this excitement, which was fueled by her book launch lectures & giveaways …I was scared of the book. 


Yes I was scared to read this little pink & white book, with my guru who is so relatable she feels like my best friend on the cover. Where was this fear coming from? Why was it creeping in?  I didn’t realize at the time, but that fear was fake & what Gabby calls the ego. At the time though, it was as real as ever. And that’s the thing about fear, it’s merely a dream we create in our minds and dreams sure seem real when we’re sleeping right?

I preordered it anyways but over the busy holidays I was actually dreading it’s arrival because I knew it was a guidebook, meaning she would guide me, but ultimately the work was up to me to get done…and that was way daunting. I felt like The Work would be right there for me to do wrong, I thought I would feel frustrated wanting the benefits, but not having the time, determination, capacity to do the book ‘correctly’ to receive them.

I was wrong.  Gabby makes it so everyone does it ‘correctly’ just by opening it. This book is so intuitive & comprehensive that opening it is the only right action you must take, the rest in done for you.

When the book came I waited to read it for two weeks. I wanted to start on a Sunday, but really I was using any excuse to put it off….it wasn’t the right time, I didn’t have enough time, I didn’t have enough support, but then I made this for Gabby…



& realized I had all the support I needed in the Universe & in this case, there is was sitting on my desk…Gabby’s support.

I had listened to the audio intro at least five times when I finally opened the book. From her words, I could tell this book was deep, real, and really had the power to change people. But I also realized that no matter what, Gabby or her book could not change anyone without one thing: willingness. And that’s what I still lacked, the willingness to let go, be supported, and do this for myself.

My ego was afraid of reading this because it was afraid of the side effects…it wasn’t in fine print, it was right in the title – MAY CAUSE MIRACLES & on some level I believed a book had the power to actually do so since I already had intense faith in Gabby from her previous work’s impact on me. But that’s just it, I had intense faith in Gabby, but not in myself. Let’s take a step back, even in this very post I’ve told you Gabby’s my guru how many times? count ’em (that’s why they’re bolded now)…that’s right 4 times! My problem wasn’t that I didn’t have faith in this book or my guru, it was that I didn’t have faith in myself or believe I was the guru.

A few months ago when when my life was pretty messy, I called into Gabby’s radio show, got through & spoke with her for the first time. I had was a bit starstruck, so her advice was a blur when I hung up, but this line stood out as what I took away….I kept calling her my guru & she said this….”


Many months later I ending up working with her & designing this (above) to remind me and others that we are all gurus. Don’t fret if your ego is freaking out, remember when things are going well the ego freaks out even more (learned that in Spirit Junkie) so just be aware & willing to see things differently…see you as the guru.

So bottom line…here’s what I have to say about this book. Don’t open it unless/until you are ready & willing for happiness because this book May Will Does Cause Miracles. They may be subtile but, believe me… & Gabby, not your ego.


Be well,