Happy Monday! Meander a little & then have a great week!


Happy Monday! This is going to be an amazing week! I can feel it!

In Wonderland here’s what to expect:

A new episode of WWRadio on Wednesday with very special guest Quinn Asteak of Healthy Cooking Camp! Look forward to that! & in the mean time try her delicious mint-chip shake!

& a new episode of Two Peas on Thursday! & a giveaway Friday & much more!!

Do you like balayage hair? I’m getting this done to my hair next weekend and I’m so excited!

Sweet Water Sangria! Healthy Sangria! Yum! Perfect spring summer refreshing drink!

Quinn’s really great 25 tips for a healthier life!  I really love all of these! Especially  number

This Daft Punk is playing at my house, music should be shared!

Kris Carr talks healthy poop!

Adam Rossi designs well.

Earth as an Apple!

We spend 21 years of our lives asleep! Make it good!

Look who was featured on the Simple Salt!

Cool yoga poster!

Interval run-walk workout with a playlist! This looks so fun! I can’t wait to try it!

And I love the Green Kitchen Stories family more than ever after this interview!

Feel Free to cook me this!

or this Indian inspired raw recipe!

Picnics are my absolute favorite thing on Earth! I’m so participating in Kris Carr’s picnic-palooza!

Ask yourself these questions before you emotionally eat! Great Isabel Foxen Duke article.

Monday’s March Meanderings Madness


Hope you’re having a great rainy Monday & you are cosy with a cup of tea like I am. As always, it’s Monday so feel free to meander out of Wonderland & enjoy the internet.

– Tara Stiles is so cool! Watch her show and tell! I want everything from her new line! I love this shirt so much! Get downward!

– Visual of what 200 calories looks like.

– Have to be able to laugh at yourself, JT in bring it on down to Veganville!

– I just love David, Luise and Elsa and their Green Kitchen Stories. Especially can’t wait to try their most recent recipe!

– Doesn’t this book look really great, I want to read it!

– Watercolor nail polish, so cool!

– I love Millet & you should too! & now I’m craving this Millet Salad!

– These cinni rolls sure look good

– The golden hour of photography

– Beautiful wedding one & two

– This makes me excited for silver hair!

– I’m ready for the spring! bring on the sun!

– Sign this petition to keep craziness out of processed food. See my posts about it here & here!