2 Videos + 2 Topics + 3 Resources = AWESOMENESS BELOW

I recently visited Toronto and made these two videos with my friends Nikky of HealthNut Nutrition and Davida of The Healthy Maven I love them both and you will two. Each of these videos discusses very different but equally important topics so I thought I’d share them both along with some resources that have tremendously helped me with each of the two topics discussed.


This video is about ending procrastination & starting your creative passion. We discuss how to beat procrastination and do what you love regardless of your skill level or resources when you first start because stating is the hardest part.
ADDITIONAL RESOURCE for this video:: Well more videos… This video training series from my mentor Gabby Bernstein really helped me with this so if you want to know more about the concepts we discussed in this video check out the first video here.


This video is equally as important but on a completely different topic. Here we discuss our unique patterns with food and body image. We discuss the challenge of finding balance between our passion for sharing about healthy living  with  finding pleasure in eating and not being too restrictive about our choices.
ADDITIONAL RESOURCE for this video:: Well more videos again… The video series that REALLY helped me stop being insane around food was this one with my mentor Isabel Foxen Duke so check it out here. 

If you have an questions on anything shoot me and email here.

2012 Gift Guides No. 5 | My wishlist/ gift guide/ things I like

So to get to know me a bit better, here are a few material things I have my eye on. Maybe you’ll like some of them too, or maybe they make perfect gifts for someone on your list.

You’ll see many repeats from the previous gift guides since (secret’s out) I’m a little bit of a health nut, pretty thing lover, meditating yogi, & book lover all rolled into one!

Enjoy shopping through my gift meanderings & see all five 2012 guides here:

My Presents:

I love letterpress art! Especially my best friend Laura’s – check out her site!

Maybe this amazing office chair will get me a job!

I sure do eat a lot of salad so these (above) would be great!

Deepak is my main man!

Love these bracelets.

I love this tank!

I could use some of this to help with the calm.

I think these are so cool!

A stress relief kit!

And I really love these Beeswax Buddha candles!

My Stocking stuffers:

These (above) greeting cards seem right up my alley.

Raw lipgloss yum!

Really wanting to try these wraps!

My favorite bars!

I love their Green Vibrance, so these individual packets would be adorable.

& this jug would be great for my green smoothie!

My favorite raw vegan macaroons come in cute holiday tins!

These would be so convenient.

I love this Herbamare seasoning.

I LOVE this meditation pillow!

my gift card hopes:

Organic Avenue (ships all over the country!)

One Lucky Duck (ships everywhere)

Sally B’s Skin Yummies

Hay House

My big dream items:

I love the iloveme ring I want one so bad!!

Gabby loving it too!

I would love a rebounder! I used to spend hours and hours listening to my little radio and jumping on my tramp.

Been needing one, so this is my next gift I’m buying myself!

2012 Gift Guide No.1 | wellness treasures for your favorite the health nut

For that person in your life who loves wellness, probably does yoga, meditates, eats well (and makes you think you probably should too), you love them even when you’re eating candy…so here’s what to get them…

Their Presents:


This person probably eats a lot of salad, so these (above) would be cute!

They probably cook a lot too so this might be helpful!

Reflexology sandals, I think these are way cool!

They love their water & like it even better when it’s clean!

David Avocado Wolfe’s superfood drink.

Make-your-own Kombucha kit.

They want to be calm but could use some of this to help!

Their Stocking stuffers:

These (above) greeting cards seem right up their alley.

Sally B’s New Year’s Eve bag is so cute!

Raw lipgloss yum!

Tates conditioner is supposed to be fantastic.

Their favorite bars!

They love their Green Vibrance, so these individual packets would be adorable.

They would love some glass straws! or these ones!

…and really could use a new body brush! 

They love this Herbamare seasoning 

Would also love a silk pillow case to keep their skin smooth.

They love this natural nail polish set!

Their gift card hopes:

Organic Avenue (ships all over the country!)

One Lucky Duck (ships everywhere)

Sally B’s Skin Yummies (free-shipping -12/19 code: Holiday)

Their big dream items:

They’d love to sweat out toxins in their very own one of these!

They would love a rebounder!

They definitely would LOVE  a Vitamix.

& someday they’d eventually love to own a juicer!