Last Meanderings of 2013, it’s been real

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I’ve missed you! How was your holiday? Above is an Instagram glimpse into mine. Hopefully you’re taking some time wherever you are at the tail end of this year to relax, reflect, and feel renewed for 2013.

I’m so excited for the new year & can feel that good stuff is brewing. I’ve got a festive new year post for you tomorrow, but until then meander my favorite inspiring new year posts from around the internet as well as a collection of my favorite posts of 2013 from here in Wonderland.

Favorite inspiring & timely New Years Posts from around the web:

Gabby’s 14 Ways To Make ’14 Miraculous.

Jenny’s Drop Kick your Comfort Zone in 2014.

Carly’s Instead of Making ‘Get Healthier Resolutions…’

Kris Carr’s Forget New Year’s Resolutions & Find Your Ease In 2014

Best of 2013 in Wonderland:

First of all here are last year’s last Meanderings of 2012… always fun to be nostolgic.

My healthy marshmallow recipe from last week.

This interview with Isabel Foxen Duke on how to not be crazy around food (also from last week, ending the year with a bang).

The WWDiet!

My 2013 gift guides.

19 Ways to Start & End your Day!

The one where I learned a lesson.

The epic Last Dance Challenge Check in No. 12.

…and last but not least all my WWRadio Episodes (Thank you so much to all my amazing guests, I respect you all so much and I’m so grateful for your unique perspectives and inspiration.)

lots of Lovely Monday Meanderings

{photo vis this cute card}

Lot’s more cute v-day where that came from on my v-day themed Pinterest!

Deepak’s 10 keys to happiness.

Basic supplements everyone should take & more on that topic in this video with super-woman Kris Carr! (she is ten years cancer free today!) her story is amazing…


What does healthy mean to you? here’s what it means to the amazing Tara Stiles.

Romantic classic NYC date!

it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to the famous iloveme jewelry – look at the cool free-gifts she’s offering when you order by the 15th.

love notes go bananas

it’s so cold…top 3 winter detox foods

I sure think Nate Berkus is cool, especially after this.

So excited for my favorite holiday, are you going to a Valentine’s Day bash?

A perfect Valentine’s Day gift guide!

Lies we tell ourselves

Cool Valentine’s Day posters to download and print!

Gabby’s vlog on relationship status!