May 2015 Monthly Gratitudes // Favorites

So psyched to share what I loved in May with you guys. It’s way fun to get to be a curator of awesome things that I’m grateful for and share them with you. Below are the links to everything I shared in the video. If you have any questions let me know & let me know in the comments what you loved this month. oh and if you missed last month’s April video here’s that.

1. Sea Clear on Thrive Market –Thrive Market itself is actually one of my favs. With every purchase they help low income families get access to healthy food. Rad.
2. Avocado Soap 
3. Peal Essence Imbibe Product  
4. Epic Blend Lip Balm
5.. Urban Outfitters Heels 
6. Audible specifically listening to Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert  
7. App of the month: Snapchat @KatieDalebout join the party there.

NEW February Gratitudes // aka Favorites VIDEO

What’s up guys? I’m obsessed with watching YouTube. So I’m psyched that I’m getting back into making videos consistently including last week’s & now this week I’m starting something new.  I will be making a monthly favorites videos where I will basically share what’s inspiring me and what I’m loving lately with you. Instead of calling it a favorites video like most YouTubers call them, I’m going to call them Monthly Gratitudes instead because that’s what it really is. The practice of making these videos monthly is just as much for me as it is for you. Creating it each month will allow me to examine all the good things I have and feel gratitude for them when I share.

I say this in the video but you can tweet it if you want:

When we focus on what we have we create more of what we want.

Here’s my February Gratitudes & Let me know if you have any questions on anything!

1.Jacket Urban (similar) 
2. Jose Gonzales New Album 
2. LiteBook 
3. Imbibe SkinCare 
4. app of the month: TimeHop


Want to know how to heal a huge pimple holistically? I can tell you from recent personal experience. I thought when better to make a video on this topic than when I had a blemish to heal myself.

In addition to giving you tips, remedies, and products for healing painful breakouts, I spend the beginning of this video discussing something else I’m passionate about: authenticity.

You’ll see the two topics actually fit together nicely since we all put our best face forward on social media and often hide our flaws, while in this video I used my big red FLAW I named Jupiter (yep that’s name I gave my pimple) as an opening to have this conversation about being vulnerable on social media. It’s easy to get trapped in comparison on social media so you must remember that filters aren’t real so don’t compare your vulnerability to someone else’s highlight reel. 

Here are the links to the products & remedies I mentioned in the holistic skin healing portion of the video:

Imbibe Perfect 9 Oil Blend I love all of this company’s products use the code: code “wellnesswonderland” & get 15%
all one word, no spaces 

-This Tonic Skin Healing Toner I mentioned as well.
Neem Oil-smells bad works good.
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Aztec Clay

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PS.. I love making videos so let me know if you guys like this and want to see more of it.