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New month means Monthly Meanderings in Wonderland which are things that have genuinely inspired me around the web. They are live links below and ready to be explored. Comment below what is inspiring you around the internet lately. Until I see you again here keep in touch with me on Facebook & Instagram (above are some Insta-glimpses into my past month). I’m still loving Snapchat now so join me there too. Oh and I’m hosting a party next weekend with my friend Simi, RSVP here if you want to come.

-My favorite interview I’ve ever done with me being in the hot seat for a change with Lucy (yes the most recent WWRadio podcast guest) on her show The Brave Exchange.  If you want to know more about me give it a listen, it’s basically a tell all interview.

-I can’t stop watching this video I made with my friends in Toronto.

My post about graduating self-help school. 

Trust me you just absolutely must listen to this.

-I’ve always loved Iris and I’m dying to see this movie on her, have you seen it?

This video is powerful. wow.

This sounds so yummy right now.

I love me some Lisa Kudrow, always have always will.

Check out this short film my friend Corine is in. It’s way cool.

Loved this post by my friend Jordan about vulnerability in blogging.

-Also, loved this post from past podcast guest Quinn which also is a bit about breakups and transitions.

The Liz Gilbert obsession continues, read this NYT article she wrote. 

Lena Dunham has never inspired me more. 

Meandering Is Fun


How was your weekend? Before we get into the rad posts you have coming at you left and right from me this week,  meander what’s been inspiring me around the web lately. But first leave a comment on which pair of spectacles you like on me!

Have a lovely week & ease in by meandering 12 fun Wellness Wonderland links!  {Click to Tweet to your peeps! }

I’m in love with morning & love this video so much! 

Speaking of mornings, want to get off the coffee? Try this amazing simple tonic from Dara! 

I can’t handle how adorable this photo is! & A Cup of Jo brings it with the links in her weekend meanderings! 

Meander right back to last week’s meanderings which were especially good if I do say so myself.

I’m so in love with Quinn’s New Years resolutions. Especially, into #4 which if you recall from this post is especially hard for me.

Speaking of, remember how great WWRadio with Quinn was?

Great episode of WP Podcast! Erin flew solo on this one and it was so inspirational!

Pre-order Gabby’s new book! 

Marie TV was super good this week and feature past WWRadio guest Kate Northrup talking about MONEY!

& Listen to her episode of WWRadio for more money tips! 

How great is this guest post from Ella with 3 RAD HEALTHY VEGAN RECIPES! & great news she’s coming on WWRadio! yay!

The amazing Shawn Stevenson mentioned me in his podcast last week! way cool & great episode all about his secret stash!







If you keep tabs on Wonderland on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram (& I highly recommend that) you already know the latest project is a second Podcast. Obviously, I adore the platform as a medium for deep conversation, connection, and storytelling, so hosting one podcast wasn’t enough!

Now don’t you worry, my beloved WWRadio isn’t going anywhere. In fact, I’ve just launched season 2 & created a separate archive page where you can have a marathon and catch up on all the fabulous episodes from 2013.


I never thought I’d love a form of media more than blogging, but it is safe to say that I officially do!  “WWRadio” is becoming more than I ever envisioned. Podcasting is my jam. My innate curiosity allows interviewing to come to me with ease.

The response to “WWRadio” has been humbling. I get the sweetest tweets, emails, and reviews (write me one here when you have a sec, that’d be rad). The podcast has inspired people in just the way I intended it to and what the podcast has given me is even greater! I’ve adored connecting with everyone I’ve had on the show over the past year and my guests have become  great friends and mentors. My latest project is the perfect example of that.

Enter Erin Haslag, my Twitter-friend-turned-podcast guest-turned mentor-turned  big sister-I’ve-always-wanted, and now,finally, my co-host. Together we’re embarking on a new project, a podcast called “With Purpose.” Read more about how the podcast came to be here & check out a screenshot of the iTunes description below!



In contrast from the long form style of “WWRadio,” the “With Purpose Podcast” is a 30 minute burst of inspiration where Erin and I interview an array of inspiring guests.

Luckily enough, Erin is an amazing designer and owner of her own business, Collective Inspiration Design Studio (how rad is her website, wowie) so she built us this website where all of our episodes will live.

So if you’re excited & you know it click this LINK to tell your friends!

Keep In Touch With Us Here: 

First of all, please follow With Purpose on Twitter & Instagram

Say hi to Erin at  Collective Inspiration blog / @erinhaslag on Instagram & Twitter and#COINAGEdaily

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Thank you Wonderland for being my loyal supporters & now supporting this new project with the same enthusiasm!



Let’s change our relationship with resolutions, shall we?

The word “resolution” rubs me the wrong way. It implies that we did something wrong this year and next year we need to resolve it. Resolutions are focused on what didn’t go well.

What we focus on expands, so if we focus on the areas that are already abundant we’ll create more abundance. As this year wraps up let’s focus on the POSITIVES of 2013 and go into 2014 with that energy!

Focus on the big wins of 2013;  the goals you achieved, the successes you had, the times you were kind to yourself and others.

Here are a few of mine:

-Moved to a new city

-Started a new job

-Completed the 2013 dance challenge

-Started and built WWRadio

-Connected with so many cool people

-Went to NYC a couple times

-Reached more people in Wonderland



HOMEWORK– create your list of BIG WINS. Those things that went well for you in 2013. Find a bit of gratitude for those things because what you focus on expands.


Let’s THRIVE IN 2014…

Taking things a step further, if you focus on how you want to feel rather that what you want to do in the new year, you set yourself up to win. To go deep into this concept check out Danielle LaPorte’s book The Desire Map, she’s amazing.

Have you ever reached a goal and still not felt fulfilled? Achieving goals and checking things off your list doesn’t automatically translate to happiness. However, this resolution remix is a surefire path to bliss. You can be sitting at your desk accomplishing goals left and right, but your legs are asleep, you’re exhausted, and you have a cold cup of tea on your desk… how does that feel? Not the greatest right? If you stay focused on how you want to feel and reassess your goals based on that, you set yourself up to win.

HOMEWORK– Ask yourself how you want to feel in 2014? Perhaps three feeling words (ie. loved, sexy, excited, adored, influential, abundant etc.) Next, each day reassess what you’re going to do to feel that way. For example, you want to feel beautiful, perhaps your wear a skirt instead of yoga pants… it can be that simple.

Tell me in the comments below your 2013 BIG WINS & 2014 CORE DESIRED FEELINGS. I REALLY WANT TO KNOW, PLEASE TELL ME. Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine too!

& Remember the lesson below, which is the biggest one I learned with year: patience.


It’s Monday, So Let’s Meander Shall We?


Hi Wonderland! Hope you had a radical weekend. I was feeling pretty overloaded and overwhelmed with ideas all weekend, like my mind just couldn’t keep up with the inspiration coming through. Has that ever happened to you? Adam took these photos as I contemplated what to do next, I started to think perhaps I have more ideas than hair and I clearly have quite a lot of hair. Just be patient, but also excited as I launch slowly but surely all the cool creative projects I’m cooking up. But for now there will be more goodness coming this week on the blog and a brand new WWRadio episode, so as always, until then please enjoy the rest of the beautiful internet.

the rundown on oils!

Kris Carr’s Self-Care guide! How cool is this?

Don’t let the damn beans make you fart again!

Grey nails and pretty photos

A book on princess Kate!

How cute is she?!

Loved this article on the “when I haves”

I love gabby & her wisdom in this video!

A little glimpse into my morning routine & journaling…


More with the big hair, thanks so much, humidity…


My new Black + Blum water bottle with a charcoal fiter that I love! Check them out! 


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