13438823_919946334777784_3992432195116703626_n 13521896_920199694752448_3523306463030337664_nHappy 4th of July! Here are some things I liked around the internet over the last week or so. Enjoy meandering my links. Hope your holiday weekend is v chill.

oh FYI…  I’ll be in Columbus, Ohio next weekend for two events with my friend Simi. First my book signing at the Book Loft which you can RSVP for here and the next day I’m on a panel of Boss Babes  which you can sign up for here if it’s not sold out. then the following weekend I’ll be in Chicago for my book launch there on July 16 from 1-3pm details and location to come. Hope to see you there.

Now for the links… 

Flower infused lipsticks? cool. 

Song to meander the internet to.

This is goofy, aka a decent time-waster.

What a cool guy, he will be missed.

-Last 4 minutes of this Moby video are wise.

These are fun. 

-Aziz’s New York Times Op-ed, Why Trump Makes Me Scared for My Family.

-Cool wedding at my friend’s flower house!

Goth T.Swift is gone, rejoice. This article made me laugh.

This also made me really laugh. #Funny

Oprah & Michelle. #power

-The number one state is the one I live in. omg. #proud

-Best speech ever, hear smart people discuss it. 

Public Hair trends.

-I really enjoyed Ann Friedman talking about Freelancing here.

-I want this to be my wedding dress. I’m not engaged. But I want to be to wear this.

Loved this and love her. 

-Good summer book I’m excited to start reading.

-Yum everything on this I want to eat or drink. …. I actually ate this one with I was in LA at Squirl.

-I want to be a bestiepreneur.  Do you? call me…

-Catie’s podcast Employee of the Month is rad, so naturally I loved this interview with her in the hot seat.

-Where to buy the best bread.  & a trick to make better sandwiches with said bread.

3 things I liked from Rookie Mag this week…

blaming emotions on astrology.

-Summer make-up tutorial.

How to take yourself to dinner. 

Last but not least I few places I was around the internet… 

-I was did a post on friend of the podcast Natalie MacNeil’s blog!

-I was on the Recovery Warriors Podcast this month, here’s the link to that. 

-I was also on Terri Cole’s Hello Freedom podcast this week. Being in the guest seat is pretty fun.


April Monthly Meanderings

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New month and not just any month, my birthday month and that means stellar Monthly Meanderings. If you’re new to WW-land, Monthly Meanderings are things that have genuinely inspired or intrigued me around the web over the past month. Comment below what is inspiring you around the internet lately. Have an amazing time meandering the rest of what the internet has to offer until I see you back here in Wonderland. Keep in touch with me on Facebook & Instagram (above are some Insta-glimpses into my past week or so) until we meet back here in WW-land next week (or sooner).

A song for you meandering time. 

-Have you seen my How To Be Happy Video yet?

-The latest WWRadio episode was quite controversial as it discussed SEX. Have you listened? She has a rad Sex & Medicine Summit going on right now too that you should for sure check out.

-Is your relationship with exercise healthy? Get honest like my friend did in this post. 

My cliff notes to Moon Phases and why they are important to understand. 

RAD ted talk I dig his podcast London Real too. You should check that out as well.

You can have no clue how beautiful you are by looking in the mirror. 

My interview on Mindful Meals. 

The most amazing Oprah interview ever, she is in the hot-seat and inspires like a boss. 

-One of my favorite people (and podcast guests) ever Quinn is hosting this awesome summit you absolutely must check out! I’m a speaker too!

How yum does this smoothie look. omg. 

Watch the beginning of this video (first minute or so). Josh Randor explains why Happy Thank You More Please is my favorite movie. So good.

Prepare to laugh so hard. Elna Baker is an amazing storyteller and I love her.

-My girls at Imbibe Skincare lowered their prices to make their natural high-vibe organic goodness more accessible. Gotta love em. We talk, they listen. So cool of them.

-One of my best friends, Simi (it’s her Birthday today!) launched this amazing course, Finally Free which is a virtual Health Coaching program that will help you ditch diets and become an intuitive eater once and for all. Check it out.

Frizzy hair? Here are your natural solutions. 

-Want more meanderings? Here’s last month’s incase you missed them!

Monday’s Meanderings Are Here!

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What did you think of that video? Have you gotten my Enlightened Eating Guide yet? You totally should! I hope you had a great weekend! It’s going to be a radical week. I’m off to hang with my mentor Gabby Bernstein in NYC this week. Don’t worry I’ll be all over posting my journey and high-vibe NYC quests with you on Insta but until then above are some of my  Insta-glimpses from my week and per usual and below are my fav links from the week as well as the playlist I used in my Sunday morning yoga class party (if local please join me here 10:00am Sundays). In the meantime, keep in touch with me daily on Facebook & tweet me on the Twitter.

-A song to listen to while you meander. To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die.

Last week’s Monday Meanderings. 

– This KooShoo Headband rocks as well as everything they do! Watch their videos and explore their site. Basically get obsessed with them. & listen to our podcast interview here.

-Rad article on why obsession with health is NOT health!

How to Eat Slower! 

-If you liked the above topic on Eating Slower check out this post about how I healed my relationship with food and became Finally Full.  My thing is standing up while eating. I would try to while-knuckle it by putting my retainers in while cooking to force myself to not take any bites. I’d try to not start cooking when I was starving but I often do & I’m inpatient & hungry so instead of forcing I gave in but mindfully. I bought some nice olives at the olive bar & now I ALLOW myself to eat a few of those while I’m cooking. They satisfy my hunger with healthy fat but don’t take away my appetite for the meal I’m making.

Sometimes adding things in is better than taking things out. When I wrote about consistency in this blog post I was all jazzed about quitting standing while eating and it didn’t work, so I beat myself up for that. The pattern was too ingrained and this is finally working! Hope this helps you WW-land! & you MUST try Finally Full! It changed my life. Read more about 10 ways it did here.

A video I made on the Oils that I love and why! 

-Get your FREE tool kit from me!!

Listen to me on Fresh Eats Radio podcast 

-Season 3 of WWRadio is quickly approaching so you better catch up on Season 1 and 2 Here is the archive! 




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Fresh week, fresh meanderings. Hope you had a great weekend, ease into your week by exploring the links below and catch up on episodes of my podcast WWRadio which will be returning again in a few weeks for Season 3,  but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my weekend & below are  my meanderings of the  internet over the last week and I have a new playlist for you. Sending love to you from my WW-land to yours.

-Last week I ended  season 2 of my podcast, WWRadio last week with a bang. Have you heard the episode yet?

-Fix your period and hormones for good with past WWRadio guest Nicole Jardim’s self-study AMAZING 8-week course that launches TODAY! Must check this out.

-I’m proud of this interview with me on the Fresh Eats Radio. It was cool being in the hot seat for a change and telling my story.

-Nostalgic? Here’s a time machine!  You’ll dig this.

-Tips to be more confident from WWRadio alumni Alex Beadon

-Listen to Nicole’s episode here!

Hunger and Fullness Diet so good. Don’t get caught in this mindful eating trap. Even thought I love mindful eating as seen in this post! 

-Post about the art of surrendering 

Photos of Motherhood, pretty and make me miss my mama.

-Speaking of motherhood, check out my favorite soon to be mama’s fitness plan during pregnancy.

-Guide to cool gym gear. 

Pop-quiz! what’s your yoga style?

Sleep makes you healthier!

TED talk on Gratitude

-Regardless of your politics, this photo is the best

6 ways to be in a good mood!

My Top Five romantic comedies ever! What are yours?

{1} Serendipity
{2} Happy Thank You More Please
{3} 500 Days of Summer
{4} Love Actually
{5} How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days

Rad Monday Meanderings

10426292_557057837733304_6550179247139417919_n 10415591_557267614378993_7961617321179527821_n 10357240_556757321096689_1921577606852144972_n 10393827_557159641056457_868135544560523159_n 10253802_557207141051707_109360582578201867_n 10388131_556455911126830_685194724413163361_n

Hey Friend, welcome to another week in Wonderland where it’s always sunny. Hope you enjoyed last week’s Special edition  sleep week as much as I did. This is going to be a rad week too, I can feel it. I picnicked like it was my job this weekend, spending as much time as physically possible outside & listening to the Hay House World Summit which I’m completely obsessed with. WWRadio is back Wednesday with a new episodes, but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my picnic & selfie filled weekend & below are some of  my meanderings of the  internet over the last week. Peace.

Catch up on WWSleep Week: 
-4 tips to make your sleep even more awesome VIDEO 
-Here’s the link to the alarm clock I mention.
-Here’s my podcast episode with Shawn all about how to Sleep Smarter.
Here are my top 11 Sleep resources.
-My top tips for when you wake up late.
– & all my Sleep Week posts!

Ever fear you’re missing out because you’re not into what your friends are into? 

 Catch up on WWRadio! 

-Lunar hair care is fascinating

Freedom From Anxiety 

Iconic relaxed photos, I love these!

7 tips to relieve constipation 

-Do you want to eat healthy & feel better? Check out this rad detox coming up!

There is a way through every block. 

-Don’t have time to meditate? oh okay you must have time to feel like crap then, cool. 

Playlist of the week! Enjoy!