Wisdom from The Daily Love Extravaganza

Like I mentioned here I am so grateful for Mastin Kipp’s Daily Love Extravaganza. There so much wisdom packed in there that I took some notes throughout as I listened to so many influential spiritual leaders. The thing about inspiration is that each time you listen you get a different nugget or ah-ha moment, not because the information is different, but because you are different. That’s why Podcasts are so great, because you can re-listen many times and still get something new, that’s why I love this platform for communication and why I decided to start WWRadio in the first place.

So today I thought I would share with you my ah-ha moments from TLD Extravaganza this year. These are my unedited notes that I took for myself, so hopefully they are organized in a way that makes sense to you. Below is what struck me from each talk I had a chance to listen to, there were so many great people interviewed as it was quite the lineup so I had trouble choosing each day but these are the ones I was able to fit in. I hope my  jumbled cliff notes of the Extravaganza inspire you too.

From the welcome videos I loved these quotes:


“Life is rigged in your favor.” -RUMI

& this line from Mastin:

The first interview I listened to was Serena Dyer & here’s what stuck out from her talk:

-We tend to identify with what we do (i.e.  “I am a college student”) and  you identify with that and then when it’s over what are you? until you have a job you’re nothing. Now what?

-When you’re having a bad day it’s okay feel it, but get out of it quickly so it doesn’t spiral and keep adding on negative things. Figure out your road map for getting out of it and have it in your back pocket.

-“If i’m not grateful for it yet, then I’m not done with it.” (She was saying this in relation to tough things in life)

Steps from Serena to get out of  feeling stuck quick:

-Look for gratitude

-Help someone else to help yourself.

Next up was the amazing Sara Jenks whose work centers around the concept of emotional freedom from food: 

-When you’re eating when you’re not hungry, you are craving something…ie. love, attention etc.

-After a meal think about how you want to feel in the next 45 minutes.

-Have 5 or 6 activities before going to food that you LOVE like: shower, journal, walk, call a friend, blog, dance, movies, magazines, phone calls, online shopping, regular shopping and other healthier ways to cope with your uncomfortable feelings.

-When traveling bring a candle and a pillow case to feel like home.

Next was the amazing Kate Northrup, the finance guru (who will be on WWRadio later this month)

-You have to just start doing it.

-No one who was struggling with money ever changed the world. We all deserve abundance and need it to help people.

-Make a list of things you’re amazing, both accomplishments and qualities mix. She calls this ‘glory boarding’ to  have on hand on a regular basis.

-When asking for a raise- think of how it will benefit the employer or servicer and how they will show up more and be more committed if they pay more.

-When something good/ flow happens, notice where and how it feels in your body. “Imprinting your cells with your victory” to feel abundant. → when a good thing happens ie. more subscribers, money etc. Roll the shoulders back & listen to the body let the heart open. etc.  feel it in the body and remember that feeling so you can get there more often.

-“We never actually know another human’s experience.”

& of course you know I couldn’t miss Gabby Bernstein‘s interview…

-“When you pray you are asking & when you meditate you are listening.”

– Meditation is the best way to hear and listen to your ~ing/ Inner Guide. Through meditation you can really listen to it.

-“Daily commitment to meditation has allowed me to have a deeper relationship with my inner guide.”

-“The inspiration is free on the internet. What people are paying for is facilitated.”

“If you are a teacher who loves teaching, the more people will want to learn from you.”

Then I listened to Mariel Hemingway & was introduced to her for the first time since Manhattan… 

– Start moving each day in bed. Even just pull feet over head, roll around ankles.

– Even just hang head over bed.

(she said so much more good stuff, but I think I listened to a lot of these on walks so I didn’t write much down.)

Then I was blown away by Laurie Gerber‘s talk on honesty, it was so authentic & I learned so much. 

-“If I think something 3 times I have to say it.”

– Do not get honest if you feel better than with someone or you’re judging them…wait.

Then was the classic….Marianne Williamson….

– Believing we are not our bodies and we are in our bodies and our bodies are in our clothes -promotes equality.

– Enlightenment is the transition from body identification to spirit identification.

And last but not least was Rev. Michael & Rickie Beckwith… 

-“Jesus wasn’t a Christian and Buddha wasn’t a Buddhist, they were awake!”

There were so many more great nuggets said but these are all the ones that struck me that I just had to write down. Can’t wait til the next one, thank you so much Mastin! He is such an amazing interviewer and guided these conversations in such cool directions.

Big Apple Recap | My pilgrimage full of inspiration, friendship, & love


A ton of my dreams came true in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of a few weeks ago and I wanted to share some highlights before too much time passed. It was such a great trip, from meeting some of my greatest idols to eating at some of the healthy NYC hotspots I always see my mentors frequenting on Instagram. Here are some of my highlights, my trip through insta! (this post could legit be 10 posts)

Starting with the tour of  healthy hot spots with my amazing mom who came with me, tried  lots of vegan food, and smiled the entire time.

Food tour highlights, these were the staples (can’t miss when you’re in NYC) 

It was so nice being in a place where healthy options are literally on every corner. I love cooking as much as the next guy, but I hate to say it – frequently I cook merely out of necessity since healthy restaurants and juice bars aren’t as prevalent everywhere as they are in the big {healthy} apple. 

1) Hu Kitchen for so many reasons Chia Seed Pudding bar tops the list though.


My amazing quinoa bowl at Hu! 484232737709689158_18919929

2) Organic Avenue, of course. A fav or Filippa & totally worth all the hype, killer juice!  & even found a green juice my mom loved.


3) Made a pitstop by ABC Home & ABC Kitchen. & sat where Gabby lectures OMG.


4) Last but not least my beloved One Lucky Duck/ Pure Food & Wine482859236822157455_18919929

Those were just a few highlights, there were so many other places I wanted to go but didn’t get time. I had so many more great suggestions from Quinn!

Even left with a stash of favorite snacks I usually have to order, sure nice not to have to pay shipping.


While yes, I ate like a queen while we were there, that wasn’t the purpose of my trip. I was there for a writer’s conference with Hay House (yes I’m writing a book! OMG!) & it was the best experience ever &  not only met the amazing speakers like Kris Carr & Gabby, but my amazing classmates in the workshop made it truly amazing, like her, her, her, and him just to name a few. I made so many lasting friends & loved every minute of it.

Here are some conference highlights:

Meeting Crazy Sexy Cancer Thriver Kris Carr…


…amazing author, poet & teacher Nancy Levin, 


and Hay House presient & CEO and all around cool knowledgable guy Reid Tracy.

and of course you-know-who…GABBY, the person who inspired my “pilgrimage” to NYC.


This woman has literally never let me down. She is in person everything she appears to be and more.




& she even took a photo for me with more of my mentors. (Be Well with Arielle will be on WWRadio this month! & Gabby in August!)


They were all amazing speakers, answered all my questions & I felt like curious George being the teachers pet constantly quizzing them. I learned so much valuable helpful info I felt like I was in power school, then came lunch…

Much like school we were on our own for lunch. Abandoned to find a classmate or two to eat with or let our inspiration seep in as we ate alond. So on the first day of the conference I luckily (thanks mom) brought with me something from Organic Avenue and as I was picnicing alone on the steps of Maddison Square Garden I locked eyes with this gem.

Meet Sacha Jones who I can now say since then has become one of my best friends. Sacha, of Stiggly Holistics NYC, is an extrodinary health coach and leads an international cleanse…but I didn’t know any of that then. All I saw was a cute woman drinking a kick-ass looking smoothie out of a large mason jar that I was way jealous of & made me miss my Vitamix. So as we started at each other I finally said hi, we connected over feeling overwhelmed with inspiration & figured out we had billions of things in common. With her sweet British accent (she’s from Wales but a true New Yorker for 25 years) she asked me if I wanted her to bring me a smoothie for school the next day. NICEST LADY EVER – of course I said absolutely & the rest was history.


Check out this amazing super food smoothie, that fueled me for the rest of the conference. You can even make it at home. Check out the recipe above.

& if that wasn’t guided enough there was a raw food convention literally going on in the conference room next to ours.



From the food, to the conference, to making new friends, to spending time with my mom the entire thing was amazing and I have so much gratitude for the experience. & last but not least one of the biggest highlights was getting to spend time with my two best friends from home who are now proud New Yorkers.

Meet Katy & Will! Love you guys to the moon. & Danielle!

483598153145977262_18919929 483493619321080743_18919929

2012 gift guides No. 4 | Books of this year & next for the readers on your list

These are the books that have had an impact on me this year or will have an impact on me 2013. I joined this amazing book club where I’ve read amazing books and discussed them with amazing people.  So whether you’re looking for a good book to inspire you or a gift for your favorite bookworm, here are my top picks!


Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein. (it’s so rad on audiobook!)


Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation by Sharon Salzberg.


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.


The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle.

Add More Ing to Your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein.

THE-YOGA-SUTRAS-of patanjali-madwacharya

The Yoga Sutras


Women, Food, & God by Geneen Roth.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.


Crazy Sexy Kitchen by Kris Carr.


The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder.


Soul Pancake by Rainn Wilson & Co.


Devotion by Dani Shapiro.

Mad Women by Jane Maas.