Launching Two Peas in a Pod | Today’s the Big Day!

Today I unveil my latest project and I couldn’t be more excited. My collaboration with my friend Jess is Two Peas in a Pod, a talk show where we discuss holistic health and happiness and hopefully inspire people to live their authentic creative purpose.

Today TV is a thing of the past, most of you know I don’t own a television and with the exception of the Oscars I’ve never missed it! I love a good NPR story to keep me connected to the world and most of all I have all the TV I desire at my figure tips on the amazing YouTube channels I subscribe to.

Since I watch so many inspirational people on YouTube I decided try it out myself.

Here is my channel inspiration: Tara Stiles Yoga, Health Talks TVTone it Up Girls, Marie Forleo, {Healthy} Cooking Camp, Gabby Bernstein, PurelyTwins, Megan Elizabeth, Heather Waxman, KrisCarrTV, Isabel Foxen Duke, and  Kate Northrup.

Follow them all! & after today perhaps add Two Peas in a Pod to that list!

Remember this is just the pilot episode and we have tons more great content to share this was just a way to get started. Much like this episode of Friends.


Remember Rachel walking into Central Perk in a wedding dress…great pilot and their show was on 10 seasons!

The best part about this project is that it’s twice the fun since there’s another pea in the pod.

So since you already know me, the girl behind the blog, who is the New Girl?

Who’s that girl…It’s Jess…. (equally as endearing as Zooey Deschanel)

Here’s a little more about my partner in pod, Jess, in case you missed this post this weekend.

She doesn’t live with Schmidt & the gang, however her roommates are all boys (her cat Charles & her fiance Kaya).


So here’s a little intro to the New Girl in Wonderland.

“Hi I’m Jess, a former publicist turned miracle believer. I prefer my glass half full and thrive when I am creatively challenged. My inspiration stems from my innate curiosity and eagerness to learn. Living a holistic life is something I prioritize- someday I hope advance the appreciation of whole foods and their healing properties. A healthy life is a happy life, so let’s get nourished!”


Gratitude for today | Videos I’m loving

What are you loving today? Here are a couple of things that I can’t get enough of.

1. This video is absolutely beautiful. I guarantee it is going to take the world by storm. Go Dove! How do you see yourself? Does it match how the world sees you? (shout out to Allie!)

2. The world needs…More Love Letters. Check out this week where they are teaming up with my company KIND Healthy Snacks to do even more good! Get involved & spread the love through letters.

3. A Living vs a Life

4. I’m fascinated by today’s Marie Forleo’s Marie TV episode. How to be more fascinating.