May Monday Meanderings

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Thank you all for making  my birthday week so fantastic.  Many great posts coming at you here in Wonderland this week including a brand  new episode of WWRadio with the person who inspired me to make a podcast in the first place because I love his Podcast so much, but until then above are some Insta-glimpses into my  birthday week & below are some of  my meanderings of the rest of the inspiring internet over the past week. Enjoy exploring and I’ll see you Wednesday for the new Podcast, until then stay living in your Wellness Wonderland until I see you back here in mine.

Last week’s Podcast with Filippa was a hit! 

It’s okay to say no.

Song to start your week.

Recipe to rid stretch marks naturally! yes! 

Check out this RAD FREE video training Robyn giving for BUSY PEEPS WHO DON’T HAVE TIME TO BE HEALTHY! She’s give you a  GPS Roadmap to living in theWellnessWonderland. 

Amazing post from Isabel who will be returning on WWRadio this month!

My Top 3 Tools from Miracles Now video! 

10 songs to know. 

My Top 6 Wellness Tips for Spring! I hope it feels like spring by now where  you are!

Mastin Kipp brings the inspiration at Wanderlust- best keynote I’ve ever seen give it a listen!

Do things with passion or not at all.  

Such a great line! 

Erin and I catch up on Episode 12 of the WithPurpose Podcast 

If you’re local, check out my workshop coming up on May 10th it’s going to be so fun!

Here’s a little playlist I made you guys of songs I’m into today.

YouTube Is My Wonderland | The Light You See In Other’s Means It’s In You!

I don’t have a TV in my apartment, however I watch plenty of TV…. YouTube that is! I adore the YouTube platform and community. It is such an easy and direct way to share information and allows  so much of your personal flare to shine through. You really feel like you get to know your peeps on YouTube and I just love the positive, high-vibe, yet elclectic group that I’m subscribed to that I stalk weekly for new uploads.

Some of My Favorites That You Must Check Out Are:

Mimi Ikonn, her husband Alex Ikonn, and her Luxy Hair channel.

-I also adore Kassie who is the beauty behind CloudyApples which is a channel that shares amazing holisic lifestyle tips.

-When it comes to Holistic Habbits, you’ve got to check Sarah’s channel out as well her natural tips and recipes are rad.

-I also love the inspiration from past WWRadio guest Micheal Gebben.

-My spiritual mentors have rad channels too including Mastin Kipp’s funny and inspirational videos on The Daily Love TV & my guru Gabrielle Bernstein’s new vlog every Monday.

– Practicing yoga one YouTube is one of my favorite things to do. I practice almost every day with Anita Goa or Tara Stiles! Both WWRadio guests!

-And for grounded business advice I look to She Takes On The World, Alex Beadon, and of course the rockstar of MarieTV Marie Forleo.

Not only do I know you’ll want to follow all of these amazing YouTube stars, I’m hoping you’ll add one last YouTuber to this list of subscriptions: me!

Screen Shot 2014-03-21 at 10.02.41 AM

With all of above as my inspiration I’ve decided to commit to building my own presence on YouTube by consistently providing one video per week + a new WWRadio interview. What I learned from watching so much YouTube over the years was that the light I admired in my subscriptions was a reflection of the light with in me and I wanted to share my light on YouTube as my favorite way to communicate is through video.

So I’m committing to two new videos per week, so give me a thumbs up & hit subscribe to hang out with me in my YouTube Wellness Wonderland.

PS. If you feel like I do about YouTube and want to create your own channel, check out my interview with Gebbs. I learned everything I know about creating a successful YouTube channel from him.

The Art of Surrendering | Scary Word, Simple Concept

Monday Meanderings | The Wellness Wonderland-1

I learned something really profound recently from my mentor Gabrielle Bernstien. It is the art of surrendering. Until recently I had no idea what that meant and that word actually scared me to be honest. Gabby teaches surrendering to mean letting go of trying to control a situation out of your control, and rather, saying ‘look I trust the Universe here and that everything happens for a reason please help the best outcome play out here.’ Surrendering really is just asking for help in any given situation and getting out of the way for the Universe to do her thing.

I love this line from Mastin Kipp‘s remix of Yogi Bhajan’s Patience Pays (which I listen to a few times a day and have been playing for all my yoga classes.) “Surrender doesn’t mean giving up, it means giving in.”

Speaking of Yogi Bhajan, the father of Kundalini Yoga, Gabby’s journey to discovering Kundalini is what helped me to understand how to surrender. A couple years ago, Gabby found herself in a bit of a rut in her practice. Having been a meditator for years she needed a more visceral experience. She surrendered her practice to the Universe and was led to Kundalini, which changed her life. Pre-Kundalini Gabby hated yoga but was led to it randomly, fell in love with it, and even became a teacher of it. Now she wears cool turbans and teaches crazy Kundalini meditation to millions on Instagram & YouTube, all because she surrendered something that wasn’t working in her life

So I recently did just that – I surrendered something & boy does it work. There’s something to this whole surrender thing.

So here’s what I first surrendered, to test it out to see if it actually worked and guess what? It did, massively! When you let go, stop pushing and just relax into it the Universe will show up in a big way to support you.

I was not loving my morning routine at all, struggling with finding something that worked for me so I surrendered my morning routine to the Universe and this is what happened…

I fell in love with my mornings and now you can too, here’s how. I’ll be back with part two of this post with a post on the importance of morning routines & 10 tips to start the day off right.

See you then!

Wisdom from The Daily Love Extravaganza

Like I mentioned here I am so grateful for Mastin Kipp’s Daily Love Extravaganza. There so much wisdom packed in there that I took some notes throughout as I listened to so many influential spiritual leaders. The thing about inspiration is that each time you listen you get a different nugget or ah-ha moment, not because the information is different, but because you are different. That’s why Podcasts are so great, because you can re-listen many times and still get something new, that’s why I love this platform for communication and why I decided to start WWRadio in the first place.

So today I thought I would share with you my ah-ha moments from TLD Extravaganza this year. These are my unedited notes that I took for myself, so hopefully they are organized in a way that makes sense to you. Below is what struck me from each talk I had a chance to listen to, there were so many great people interviewed as it was quite the lineup so I had trouble choosing each day but these are the ones I was able to fit in. I hope my  jumbled cliff notes of the Extravaganza inspire you too.

From the welcome videos I loved these quotes:


“Life is rigged in your favor.” -RUMI

& this line from Mastin:

The first interview I listened to was Serena Dyer & here’s what stuck out from her talk:

-We tend to identify with what we do (i.e.  “I am a college student”) and  you identify with that and then when it’s over what are you? until you have a job you’re nothing. Now what?

-When you’re having a bad day it’s okay feel it, but get out of it quickly so it doesn’t spiral and keep adding on negative things. Figure out your road map for getting out of it and have it in your back pocket.

-“If i’m not grateful for it yet, then I’m not done with it.” (She was saying this in relation to tough things in life)

Steps from Serena to get out of  feeling stuck quick:

-Look for gratitude

-Help someone else to help yourself.

Next up was the amazing Sara Jenks whose work centers around the concept of emotional freedom from food: 

-When you’re eating when you’re not hungry, you are craving something…ie. love, attention etc.

-After a meal think about how you want to feel in the next 45 minutes.

-Have 5 or 6 activities before going to food that you LOVE like: shower, journal, walk, call a friend, blog, dance, movies, magazines, phone calls, online shopping, regular shopping and other healthier ways to cope with your uncomfortable feelings.

-When traveling bring a candle and a pillow case to feel like home.

Next was the amazing Kate Northrup, the finance guru (who will be on WWRadio later this month)

-You have to just start doing it.

-No one who was struggling with money ever changed the world. We all deserve abundance and need it to help people.

-Make a list of things you’re amazing, both accomplishments and qualities mix. She calls this ‘glory boarding’ to  have on hand on a regular basis.

-When asking for a raise- think of how it will benefit the employer or servicer and how they will show up more and be more committed if they pay more.

-When something good/ flow happens, notice where and how it feels in your body. “Imprinting your cells with your victory” to feel abundant. → when a good thing happens ie. more subscribers, money etc. Roll the shoulders back & listen to the body let the heart open. etc.  feel it in the body and remember that feeling so you can get there more often.

-“We never actually know another human’s experience.”

& of course you know I couldn’t miss Gabby Bernstein‘s interview…

-“When you pray you are asking & when you meditate you are listening.”

– Meditation is the best way to hear and listen to your ~ing/ Inner Guide. Through meditation you can really listen to it.

-“Daily commitment to meditation has allowed me to have a deeper relationship with my inner guide.”

-“The inspiration is free on the internet. What people are paying for is facilitated.”

“If you are a teacher who loves teaching, the more people will want to learn from you.”

Then I listened to Mariel Hemingway & was introduced to her for the first time since Manhattan… 

– Start moving each day in bed. Even just pull feet over head, roll around ankles.

– Even just hang head over bed.

(she said so much more good stuff, but I think I listened to a lot of these on walks so I didn’t write much down.)

Then I was blown away by Laurie Gerber‘s talk on honesty, it was so authentic & I learned so much. 

-“If I think something 3 times I have to say it.”

– Do not get honest if you feel better than with someone or you’re judging them…wait.

Then was the classic….Marianne Williamson….

– Believing we are not our bodies and we are in our bodies and our bodies are in our clothes -promotes equality.

– Enlightenment is the transition from body identification to spirit identification.

And last but not least was Rev. Michael & Rickie Beckwith… 

-“Jesus wasn’t a Christian and Buddha wasn’t a Buddhist, they were awake!”

There were so many more great nuggets said but these are all the ones that struck me that I just had to write down. Can’t wait til the next one, thank you so much Mastin! He is such an amazing interviewer and guided these conversations in such cool directions.

Gratitude for Today | List of What I am Loving lately


So here’s a list of some things I’m loving or have loved lately. Clearly, gratitude is crucial to living in a Wellness Wonderland of your own (it’s a whole category on the blog for gosh sakes). So to dwell in Wonderland, make a gratitude list of authentic things you love in the moment, carry it around in your pocket or purse and pull it out to make you happy whenever you feel funky. It will/ should be changing all the time. It can be little or big things. I’ll continue sharing mine weekly (but be more consistent) – how do thursday’s sound?

Here’s my authentic list right now:

1) Hay House World Summit  was amazing & I was so inspired form listening to all the amazing interviews. I wished for more and they came along….

2)  MASTIN KIPPS’ The Daily Love EXTAVAGANZA – every interview was so insightful and amazing. He had such a well rounded group of people with so many unique perspectives. I took so many notes and I can’t wait to share them this week.

3) TEXTING. Yes, texting! It’s so fun to be able to keep in touch with my friends who are everywhere. Yes talking on the phone is ideal and I love a good phone conversation as much as the next guy, but there is something to be said for texting. It’s just a quick jolt of hello where you don’t have to small talk your way to the good stuff, you can get right to the point, ask what you want to know or tell them what you’re dying to tell them in the moment without having to wait or allow it to naturally come up in conversation. I honestly don’t know how people communicated pre-text, I legit think I’d have to carry around a pad of paper to write down all the things I wanted to tell the people I loved. I literally spend my entire days texting Carly, Laura, Sacha, and Elizabeth. And it makes my days so much brighter.

4) I’m loving Gabby’s sound advice and Kundalini meditation for irrationality.

5) Finding an amazing hair stylist. Diane is so talented & passionate about her job. Check out her eco-friendly salon, blog and her inspiring Instagram page.


6) This cool cup my mom got me. Makes me feel like I’m four with a sippy cup and it’s great.

7) This video from Free People. So romantic & heart melting. I am mush now.