Monthly Meanderings August

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New month means Monthly Meanderings in Wonderland which are things that have genuinely inspired me around the web. They are live links below and ready to be explored. Comment below what is inspiring you around the internet lately. Until I see you again here keep in touch with me on Facebook & Instagram (above are some Insta-glimpses into my past month). I’m still loving Snapchat now so join me there too. Oh and I’m hosting a party next weekend with my friend Simi, RSVP here if you want to come.

-My favorite interview I’ve ever done with me being in the hot seat for a change with Lucy (yes the most recent WWRadio podcast guest) on her show The Brave Exchange.  If you want to know more about me give it a listen, it’s basically a tell all interview.

-I can’t stop watching this video I made with my friends in Toronto.

My post about graduating self-help school. 

Trust me you just absolutely must listen to this.

-I’ve always loved Iris and I’m dying to see this movie on her, have you seen it?

This video is powerful. wow.

This sounds so yummy right now.

I love me some Lisa Kudrow, always have always will.

Check out this short film my friend Corine is in. It’s way cool.

Loved this post by my friend Jordan about vulnerability in blogging.

-Also, loved this post from past podcast guest Quinn which also is a bit about breakups and transitions.

The Liz Gilbert obsession continues, read this NYT article she wrote. 

Lena Dunham has never inspired me more. 

Last Meanderings of 2013, it’s been real

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I’ve missed you! How was your holiday? Above is an Instagram glimpse into mine. Hopefully you’re taking some time wherever you are at the tail end of this year to relax, reflect, and feel renewed for 2013.

I’m so excited for the new year & can feel that good stuff is brewing. I’ve got a festive new year post for you tomorrow, but until then meander my favorite inspiring new year posts from around the internet as well as a collection of my favorite posts of 2013 from here in Wonderland.

Favorite inspiring & timely New Years Posts from around the web:

Gabby’s 14 Ways To Make ’14 Miraculous.

Jenny’s Drop Kick your Comfort Zone in 2014.

Carly’s Instead of Making ‘Get Healthier Resolutions…’

Kris Carr’s Forget New Year’s Resolutions & Find Your Ease In 2014

Best of 2013 in Wonderland:

First of all here are last year’s last Meanderings of 2012… always fun to be nostolgic.

My healthy marshmallow recipe from last week.

This interview with Isabel Foxen Duke on how to not be crazy around food (also from last week, ending the year with a bang).

The WWDiet!

My 2013 gift guides.

19 Ways to Start & End your Day!

The one where I learned a lesson.

The epic Last Dance Challenge Check in No. 12.

…and last but not least all my WWRadio Episodes (Thank you so much to all my amazing guests, I respect you all so much and I’m so grateful for your unique perspectives and inspiration.)

These Daily Affirmations May Cause Miracles | Part 2

Here’s the rest of my creative project for Gabby. You’ve probably seen them Instagram, I’ve been visualizing the daily affirmations from her book May Cause Miracles. It’s been such a fun journey and I’ve loved all your comments and love for the process. Here’s the second half. Hope you find one inspiring.

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These Daily Affirmations May Cause Miracles | Part 1

My latest creative project for Gabby has been really rad. You’ve probably seen on Instagram, I’ve been visualizing the daily affirmations from her book May Cause Miracles. It’s been such a fun journey and I’ve loved all your comments and love for the process. Here’s the first half & I’ll post the rest soon.

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Monday Meanderings on a Wednesday

Remember this pretty salad?

Man, I love a good picnic! Have one this week!

7 hot summer salads yum!

New music from Edward Sharpe!

Understanding Food allergies and intolerances helpful article from Kris Carr

Gabby’s simple Kundalini meditation for irrationality

Cute chambray and I like her hair!

I’ll be choosing a winner to this contest on Friday! don’t forget to enter!

Did you catch Quinn’s episode of WWRadio? New episode Wednesday! With a surprise guest!

Lastly, check out this cool kickstarter!