My HONEST Review of Gabby Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass


Can you spot me in that crowd? I’m there in the front row, seat 111. Seriously. I will never forget that moment of Gabby coming out onto the stage and locking in at me as she begins telling the story of how she began in vivid detail I’d never heard before. More than any other time in my life I felt so certain I was meant to be somewhere…in that room, in that seat, surrounded by those people, at that time. It was epic and changed my life and the course of my career.

I had been asking my mentor Gabby to teach me how to do what she does in my own way for years. I heard she once asked Marianne Williamson how she could share spirituality 924580_1470695189864313_658335621_nwith her generation, so I asked Gabby that same question on her radio show when I was 21 years old and soon realized I wasn’t the only one asking her that (luckily because WE’RE ALL NEEDED!). Her answer for me & everyone of what to do if you have a message to share and an urge to teach?
Spirit Junkie Masterclass. 

I went to her very first three day weekend extravaganza filled with guest speakers (yep that’s crazy sexy Kris Carr), networking, speaking training, business training, extensive live q & a, workbooks, and all the support a girl could ask for with a side of dancing & fun was an experience I will never forget.

I’m not only grateful for the experience but I’m honestly kind of in awe of it. Hearing Gabby be so real with us, trusting us to open up about the inner workings of how she runs her spiritual business was really amazing. She opened up completely, answered every question, regardless of how personal or deep. She brought her best fri10666040_695282437228036_796817099_nends, coaches, and colleagues in to teach their areas of expertise too.

Anyway, clearly I just had a big ball but to be completely honest with you the experience 3 years ago left me wanting more.  I felt like I needed more time with the material, I needed more experts talking about their business experience not only the guests she had that time. I needed more practical advice like insurance, negotiations, and contracts to really be able create the platform and career I wanted. That’s when Gabby listened to that call and created the amazing Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital version which has all the content, guest speakers, practical advice plus quality videos of everything I was there for the first time including that opening talk I was in seat 111 for plus tons of updated content.

Her mission of not creating disciples but rather teachers is such a beautiful mission and will truly change the world way more than she could alone (although she’s an epic powerhouse duh). I considered myself her biggest disciple but now I have become her biggest teacher and that’s was Spirit Junkie Masterclass allowed me to do.

Since then, I have built a coaching practice, built my podcast to more subscribers than I ever thought possible, and published my first book with Hay House which Gabby wrote the forward. I tell you this not to boast, but to inspire you with what’s possible when you listen to a call to teach and SHOW UP, digitally for SJMC and simply for yourself an10693336_646892608762990_728514224_nd your life purpose.

I highly suggest you check it out if you’ve been hearing the call to share, lead, or teach in your unique way. Your way may not be a blog, podcast, or youtube channel although it might be and I can’t wait to listen, watch, and link to it, but also it might be bringing these messages into the office or to your kindergarden classroom or to your family. Wherever you feel called to share the message just share it because


I clearly had a blast and I thought I’d show you how much Gabby’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital meant to me.  I wanted to be able to return to the content again. Gabby has created this comprehensive program that teaches all of that and provides concrete resources to help you launch whatever it is you want to share with the world.

She’s offering FREE 3-part video series check them out: Video 1, Video 2,& Video 3 where she dishes out wisdom that is 100% FREE. Then if you want to check out SJMC digital I highly recommend it of course to anyone that has the slightest desire to share, lead, or teach in your own unique way.

REGISTRATION IS ONLY OPEN FOR ONE WEEK so if you even have the slightest interest I highly recommend checking it out. And if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly, I’m happy to respond to anyone who is thinking about taking the course.





Massive MARCH Meanderings.


New week, new month, new Monthly Meanderings. A long tradition in WW-Land meanderings are links to things that have inspired me around the web this past month. Until next time keep in touch on Facebook & Instagram . Tons of new pod episodes coming this month until then explore the archive. I’m especially excited this week that my book is coming out in 1 WEEK!!! 

Here’s the link to my book + all the cool bonuses you can get when you preorder!

Places I’ll be… 

-April 5th- Come to my LIVE podcast episode I’m co-hosting with Christy Harrison the host of the Food Psych podcast. Get your tickets here!

-On April 6th- Come to my NYC BOOK Launch party hosted by Gabby Bernstein and Jordan Bach. RSVP

-Check out my friend’s one-woman show Crazy, Skinny, Small about her experience with an eating disorder. I’ll be at the show on April 7th and part of the talk-back after the show.

For your ears…

-The latest podcast I was on this month. Such a fun convo.

-Loved the Call Your Girlfriend Live podcast episode especially because Virgie Tovar was a guest dropping knowledge on how to survive diet culture!

– Last week’s Nerdette pod was rad they talked with the incisive Rebecca Traister, author of All The Single Ladies.  about how single women have been at the center of all sorts of progressive movements and the abundance of single ladies in pop culture.

Here’s another cool summit I’m a part of this month! It’s an abundance summit!

Really loved last week’s podcast with Jason Wachob. 

Videos I loved… 

-Loved this TED talk about conversation.

-Also, loved this one about connection and ‘being alone together’ and overly connected.

-Gosh I watch a bunch of TED talks this month. this one was the best of all.

-Amazing video from future pod guest Melissa! 

Loved this from soon to be WWRadio guest Beth Stelling. 

-I really liked this video which is really about mentoring and networking with powerful and influential people. I first watched it years ago and just re-watched.

-Here’s my convo with my friend Heather!! 

Things I read I loved… 

-What happened when my friend Davida (the Healthy Maven) stopped exercising for a couple months. 

-Molly Sims on Body Image. 

Comfortable shoes. 

-Really good post from Caroline Dooner. 

-Why Algebra II must go and it’s not just me saying that because I hate math.

How we learn to eat podcast. 

Pretty bathroom renovation. 

LOVED this article from future podcast guest. 

Cool random things I liked…

-How cool are these plant pots?

unspecified-One of my fav podcast guests KOOSHOO are launching their newest product yet here’s the link to their teaser. Please check it out it is amazing!!!

I’m in love with this. I can’t remember if I already shared it last month but whatever it was so good I don’t even care I’m sharing it again.

-My friend made a Flower House in Detroit & now there’s a book of it in case you missed it!

-RSVP to my friend Simi’s 90s themed birthday party! 

Image above via my girls at Urban Alchemy.  


Monthly Meanderings August

11849027_733142040142178_1528846764_n 11313784_1457141047927570_908829115_n11312475_1462346044092908_1928060123_n

New month means Monthly Meanderings in Wonderland which are things that have genuinely inspired me around the web. They are live links below and ready to be explored. Comment below what is inspiring you around the internet lately. Until I see you again here keep in touch with me on Facebook & Instagram (above are some Insta-glimpses into my past month). I’m still loving Snapchat now so join me there too. Oh and I’m hosting a party next weekend with my friend Simi, RSVP here if you want to come.

-My favorite interview I’ve ever done with me being in the hot seat for a change with Lucy (yes the most recent WWRadio podcast guest) on her show The Brave Exchange.  If you want to know more about me give it a listen, it’s basically a tell all interview.

-I can’t stop watching this video I made with my friends in Toronto.

My post about graduating self-help school. 

Trust me you just absolutely must listen to this.

-I’ve always loved Iris and I’m dying to see this movie on her, have you seen it?

This video is powerful. wow.

This sounds so yummy right now.

I love me some Lisa Kudrow, always have always will.

Check out this short film my friend Corine is in. It’s way cool.

Loved this post by my friend Jordan about vulnerability in blogging.

-Also, loved this post from past podcast guest Quinn which also is a bit about breakups and transitions.

The Liz Gilbert obsession continues, read this NYT article she wrote. 

Lena Dunham has never inspired me more. 

July Meanderings.




New month means Monthly Meanderings in Wonderland which are things that have genuinely inspired me around the web. They are live below and ready to be explored. Comment below what is inspiring you around the internet lately. I’ll have a new monthly Favorites // Gratitudes video for you later this week. Until then, enjoy the rest of the internet. Until I see you again here keep in touch with me on Facebook & Instagram (above are some Insta-glimpses into my past month). I’m still loving Snapchat now so join me there. Oh and I’m hosting a masterclass about how to find mentors with my friend Anita, RSVP here if you want to come.

This podcast episode with two of my favs Rob Bell and Elizabeth Gilbert changed legit everything for me when I heard it. 

-Do we need better birth control? Ricki Lake+Abby Epstein are asking the big questions. Support their new doc it is so awesome and important. 

Want to see my trip to Tampa? No problem my friend Alex Beadon is a master vlogger and documented it in vivid detail. 

Mara Hoffman yoga mat.

-I’m obsessed with Frances Ha and you should watch it ASAP if you haven’t already. I love Greta Gerwig & Tavi so much. This interview was rad. 

This film touched me so. You should take a half-hour to become aware of this disease. It will instantly increase gratitude.

She woke up like this. A beautiful photo essay, reminds me of my signature question on WWRadio of what peoples morning routines are. I would love to create these with my interviews, someday.

Love this interview with Kyle Gray and Jordan Bach about Angels. 

Loved this TED talk. 

So happy this movie is being made. 

Future office inspiration. 

Amazing article and interview about body image, fitness, and GIRLS with Jemima Kirke…like seriously so good. 

Tavi is everything. 

Kale granola. 

A beautiful blog post from someone I went to college with about breakups that made me laugh, cry, and feel. 

Kathryn Budig’s talk on body image and being a “real woman” is so amazing. You must drop everything & watch immediately. It’s that good. 

How fun does Soul Camp look? Sleep-away camp for adults. FUN!  Use the discount code “WONDERLAND” for 20% off!

-Two of my favorite WWRadio guests jammed on the Food Psych Podcast this month and it was one of my favorite episodes of a podcast ever. Listen here. 

This is amazing. 

Fascinating article from Elizabeth Gilbert in the NY Times.

-Speaking of my girl Liz, How’s the reading going for book club guys? Ready for our discussion on Tuesday? Any feedback on what you’d like to discuss? I want it to be a really chill conversation so I’m not going to be preparing much I rather just see what comes up.


June Meanderings!

11259810_723190631120023_2977914858341265778_n 11351303_728851783887241_2489055595573797882_n 10270773_725218110917275_1362522573871791256_n 11393091_727567494015670_7984815871874740364_n 11330013_724322687673484_4528495018285769568_n

What’s up guys? Happy June. How are we half way through the year? Crazy right? Anyways May was a great month I visited friends in Florida and two days ago say Taylor Swift live which was rad. I’ll have a new monthly May Favorites // Gratitudes video for you later this week. Until then, enjoy the rest of the internet. New month means Monthly Meanderings in Wonderland which are things that have genuinely inspired me around the web. Comment below what is inspiring you around the internet lately. Until I see you again here keep in touch with me on Facebook & Instagram (above are some Insta-glimpses into my past month). oh and most importantly I LOVE Snapchat now so please join me there. It’s so real and raw and fun and um yeah I love it. Let’s be friends, I’m just @katiedalebout there.

7 ways blogging made me happier! My most recent post on Mind Body Green.

My newest article on Over the Moon all about saving room for dinner? Just read it you’ll see.

Style Like U is my favorite website other than this one & I had them on my podcast woot. 

-Have you seen their What’s Underneath project yet?

-Speaking of style and the theme of last week’s pod…I’ve become obsessed with this blue two piece outfit Taylor Swift wore out on her on her romantic date with Calvin Harris (love them together, they seem really happy) The good news is that it’s affordable, the bad news is that it’s unavailable. For now. Tell me immediately if that changes/ buy it for me. Size small or maybe medium I don’t know….

-Speaking of style my friend Carly has these amazing Jeffery Campbell boots that can pull literally any outfit together but they’re sold out online, found these though that are similar thoughts? What do you guys think?

-Still on fashion but yeah this documentary looks kinda interesting…or borderline boring. Can’t tell. No I’m thinking boring, since halfway through the trailer I was like, ‘this is fascinating but I’ve had enough.’

-Listen to this remix while you meander. 

This new podcast is amazing and this episode with Tavi is on the top of my list as I adore her, but he also my my girl crush Elizabeth Gilbert on too so um yeah this is going to be my new go to pod. 

-Speaking of Elizabeth Gilbert. Her new book Big Magic comes out soon and I’ve never been more excited for a book um ever. I preordered months ago. My friend Heather sent me her first ever interview on it on Rob Bell’s podcast listen to it here, so good that I’m rationing it.

-You can have it all but here’s how :: not all at the same time. Just watch this and you’ll understand. 

One of my fav podcasts ever with my friends Audrey and Alicia. 

My most recent interview! I loved this one. 

-Joan Didion quote that make me want to write. 

Another fun interview I did recently on my friend Megan’s blog. 

13 things to remember when you love a person who has depression.

-From depression to cool off here’s some laughter for ya …. Never take yourself too seriously. 

-Just to be safe here’s a bit more giggles for ya…What if guys vacationed like girls? 

-A lovely podcast listener sent this blog post to me and I found it fascinating and revealing.

My newest video, How to Start A Podcast and other things! 

-Would you have a decluttering party? I think it’s a great idea!

30 movies to watch with your relatives, lots of good ones on this list. 

One of my client’s rad recent posts on body image. so proud.

Amazing and funny video. 

Gabby Bernstein on how to be a great date. 

Your level of sensitivity and what that says about you. 

This quote from Elizabeth Gilbert’s husband is everything. So romantic and perfect. (& yes I’ve posted before but I’m posting again because I just watched again)

-2 spots left as of now for my mentoring program if you want to pick my brain about anything. Let me know and let’s talk. Here’s info.